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  • Trends For 2020
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    Trends For 2020

    2019-12-17T09:54:00Z By PGIM (Real Estate - Homepage)

    Global Real Estate Trends Set to Shape the Next 12 Months

  • A guide to long lease real estateLong-dated secure income for instituional investors
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    A guide to long lease real estate: Long-dated secure income for institutional investors

    2019-12-16T15:29:00Z By M&G Investments [Real Estate - Europe]

    M&G has been generating attractive, long-dated income from long-term leases for our external clients for over a decade. In this guide, we explore the features and characteristics of the different types of long lease real estate, compare their outcomes for an institutional investor and look at the trends shaping the development of these assets.

  • Building Infrastructure Portfolios for the Long-Term
  • Think U.S. cities real estate 2020 outlook
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    Think U.S. cities real estate 2020 outlook

    2019-12-12T13:59:00Z By Nuveen Real Estate [North America]

    In 2020, the U.S. economy will enter its 11th year of expansion, the longest expansion since 1854. The U.S. economy grew at average annualized rate of 2.4% during three quarters of 2019. We expect U.S. economic growth to slow to around 2.0%-2.3% in 2019 as the fiscal stimulus effect fades and as trade weighs on growth.1 While we are not expecting a recession in 2020, the New York Federal Reserve predicts a 34.8% chance of a recession within the next 12 months.

  • Think European cities 2020 outlook
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    Think European cities 2020 outlook

    2019-12-12T13:51:00Z By Nuveen Real Estate [Europe]

    Eurozone output remains positive, but sluggish, with Consensus forecasts of 1.1% for 2019. National data showed that Q3 2019 GDP growth remained stable in Italy (0.1%), Spain (0.4%) and France (0.3%). However, the slump affecting the export-oriented manufacturing sector, most notably in Germany, and a pull-back in economic sentiment, implies a slowdown over the next few quarters, in line with weaker activity and subdued employment intentions.  

  • Think Asia Pacific cities 2020 outlook
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    Think Asia Pacific cities 2020 outlook

    2019-12-12T13:40:00Z By Nuveen Real Estate [Asia]

    The outlook heading into 2020 Asia Pacific’s is showing clearer signs of improvement after the significant headwinds for Asia-Pacific’s growth landscape in 2019 – particularly from the United States-China trade tensions which softened global business sentiment and trade.

  • Asia Real Estate Market Outlook - December 2019
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    Asia Real Estate Market Outlook - December 2019

    2019-12-10T13:01:00Z By M&G Investments [Real Estate - Asia]

    Asia Pacific real estate continues to attract strong capital inflows, with returns expected to remain resilient amid more accommodative macro policies and balanced supply and demand. This paper highlights areas of strong potential returns and resilient income, including logistics markets with more sizeable consumer bases, office properties where there is a healthy demand from growth sectors and residential in gateway cities reflecting population growth.

  • U.S. Real Estate - More Reward in Core?
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    U.S. Real Estate: More Reward in Core?

    2019-12-06T14:48:00Z By Barings (Real Estate - North America)

    As investors in the market continue to chase yield, the risk premium—or the reward for taking that risk—appears to be diminishing. In this environment, we’re seeing some of the best opportunities in the highest-quality assets.

  • 2020 - Risks, Opportunities & Predictions (Part 2:2)
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    2020: Risks, Opportunities & Predictions (Part 2/2)

    2019-12-05T11:58:00Z By Barings (Europe)

    Where can investors find late-cycle value in fixed income? Are real estate investors being compensated for risks? In Part 2/2, we hear from Barings’ leaders across high yield and investment grade credit, private credit, private equity and real estate.

  • 2020 - Compelling Opportunities
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    2020: Compelling Opportunities

    2019-12-04T11:40:00Z By Barings (Europe)

    Barings’ experts across real estate, private equity and fixed income discuss where they expect to see compelling opportunities in the year ahead.

  • Net Zero – An Opportunity for Real Estate
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    Net Zero – An Opportunity for Real Estate

    2019-12-02T14:32:00Z By DTZ Investors (Real Estate)

    In 2019 the UK government announced a target of ‘net zero’ for UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 following recommendations made by the Committee on Climate Change. This led to a change in legislation that came into force on 27 June 2019, which amended the Climate Change Act 2008 target of an 80% reduction in GHG emissions compared with the 1990 levels. This amendment to the Climate Change Act made the UK the first member of the G7 group of industrialised nations to legislate for ‘net zero’ carbon emissions.

  • GLL Real Estate Market Monitor H2 2019
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    GLL Real Estate Market Monitor H2 2019

    2019-11-27T16:09:00Z By GLL Real Estate Partners

    According to Oxford Economics, global economic growth (GDP) was 3.2% in 2018. With respect to increasing international risks (further escalation of trade tensions, potential “no-deal” Brexit, increasing downturn in China), a further slowdown in the global economy is expected in 2019. However, compared to the Q1 2019 outlook, the forecasts (2.6%) were slightly more optimistic ( 0.1).

  • Developing Pan-European Investment And Distribution Capacities
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    Developing Pan-European Investment And Distribution Capacities

    2019-11-27T12:49:00Z By Amundi Real Estate

    Building on its strong fundraising capacities and its experience of real estate investment products for French retail clients, Amundi is now focusing on strengthening its offering for institutional investors and working on the pan-European distribution of a retail solution. These funds, which express the firm’s strongest convictions, are uniquely structured and distributed, as Jean-Marc Coly, Chief Executive Officer for Amundi Real Estate explains.

  • The growing opportunity in European consumer credit
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    The growing opportunity in European consumer credit

    2019-11-27T09:54:00Z By M&G Investments [Real Estate - Europe]

    European consumer credit is one of the largest and most diverse loan asset classes in Europe. It has also had resilient performance through economic cycles. Historically, these assets have remained confined to banks’ balance sheets, but structural change in the banking landscape in Europe is opening up a sector previously inaccessible to institutional investors.

  • Amundi Real Estate
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    Amundi - Real Estate

    2019-11-26T09:56:00Z By Amundi Real Estate

    Real Estate investment in Europe is currently supported by 3 key-factors : economic recovery, the small but expected rise in interest rates, and inflation estimated to 1-1.5%.

  • Real Estate: How To Cope With Converging European Rates Of Return?
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    Real Estate: How To Cope With Converging European Rates Of Return?

    2019-11-26T09:46:00Z By Amundi Real Estate

    Over the last few years, the European real estate market has been characterized by diversity. Today, however, it seems to be significantly evolving. Real estate rates of return are converging downwards in the main EU countries, which causes worry among investors seeking at least consistent levels of performance. To cope with this convergence, with the pressure on rents and with the prospect of a hike in interest rates, Amundi is convinced one needs to go back to the fundamentals of real estate investment. This means favouring high-quality core assets, while focusing on geographic and sectorial diversity, in order to provide investors with both protection and return, says Jean-Marc Coly, CEO of Amundi Real Estate.

  • From Management to Usage: Innovations Are Shaking up Real Estate
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    From Management to Usage: Innovations Are Shaking up Real Estate

    2019-11-26T09:40:00Z By Amundi Real Estate

    Increasing focus on ESG criteria, new technologies, innovative services: opportunities to improve the performance of real estate assets abound. Today, financial advantages and cost savings go hand in hand with new experiences in terms of use and comfort for occupants. These are very real opportunities, which Amundi Real Estate leverages fully; nonetheless, their proliferation calls for rigorous selection and screening processes, according to Jean-Marc Coly, CEO of Amundi Real Estate.

  • European office occupier market - The rise (and fall?) of European serviced office providers
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    European office occupier market - The rise (and fall?) of European serviced office providers

    2019-11-25T14:21:00Z By UBS Asset Management (UK) Ltd (Real Estate)

    After the turmoil surrounding the failed IPO of WeWork, it seems an astute time to take stock of the state of the occupier market and consider some of the longer-term implications for landlords

  • Property Market Overview - Q3 2019
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    Property Market Overview: Q3 2019

    2019-11-21T11:31:00Z By DTZ Investors (Real Estate)

    The UK economy managed to avoid a technical recession in Q3, GDP grew by 0.3% during the three months to September, following a 0.2% decline in output in the second quarter. The services and construction sector both delivered positive output over the period of 0.4% and 0.6% respectively, while the manufacturing sector flatlined. Even so, a slew of weaker readings on the domestic economy suggests that the underlying pace of economic activity will be subdued in the final quarter.

  • Real Estate Outlook Edition 4, 2019
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    Real Estate Outlook – Edition 4, 2019

    2019-11-21T10:16:00Z By UBS [Real Estate Homepage]

    Returns slowing but rate cuts supportive of sector