Manulife Investment Management is the asset management arm of Manulife Financial Corporation, a global financial institution that has protected investor assets since 1887. We’re passionate about providing solutions; with leading capabilities in public and private markets, we partner with institutions to understand their needs and create tailored solutions to help meet them.

We take a specialist approach. Our focused teams are led by industry veterans with decades of experience managing their strategies on behalf of investors – an approach that’s led to a culture of investment excellence and highly differentiated strategies across asset classes. And we’re committed to investing responsibly: We develop innovative global frameworks for sustainable investing, collaboratively engage with companies in our public market portfolios, and maintain a high standard of stewardship where we own and operate assets.

Today, our more than 625 investment professionals working in 20 geographies – including 10 offices in Asia – manage US$462 billion in assets under management on behalf of investors worldwide.1

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Our specialist approach is built on focused teams working in a collaborative culture.

Focused, experienced teams

  • Each specialised investment team owns its specific investment process from research through portfolio construction, with an incentive structure aligned to both portfolio and business objectives.
  • Teams are led by industry veterans – typically with decades of experience managing their respective strategies – working in a culture of collaboration across asset classes.

Proprietary, fundamental research

  • Our public and private market strategies are driven by deep in-house sector expertise and independent research supported by global macroeconomic and analytical resources.
  • Our structure fosters a research environment characterised by embedded analysts with the ability to take advantage of our global reach.

Multidimensional risk management

  • Our risk management approach starts with clearly defined investment processes, includes access to formal ESG research specialists, and has multiple levels of portfolio and operational oversight.
  • From portfolio-level risk monitoring to assessing behavioural biases in our public market strategies to firm-level risk management and compliance, we’re committed to assessing risks from multiple perspectives.
  • Our private market capabilities are supported by board governance and investment committees with independent legal, compliance, and risk teams that hold deep asset management expertise.

1 Source: MFC statistical information package, as of December 31, 2023. Assets under management (AUM) are in USD. AUM includes assets internally managed by Manulife Investment Management on behalf of external clients, the Manulife general account, and other affiliated businesses. The methodologies used to compile the total AUM are subject to change and may not reflect regulatory AUM as reported on certain affiliates’ Form ADV. Manulife Investment Management assets under management and administration are as of December 31, 2023, and include US$460.8 billion AUM and US$1.1 billion AUM. Manulife Investment Management’s global investment professional team includes expertise from several Manulife Investment Management affiliates and joint ventures.Not all entities represent all asset classes.

Recent highlights

  • IPE Real Assets Top 25 Natural Capital Managers - we’re delighted to be recognised as the leading manager of natural capital assets by IPE Real Assets*

*IPE research as of 1/29/2024. Ranking is based on total Natural Capital AUM, which includes forestry/timberland and agriculture/farmland AUM. Firms were asked to provide AUM and the as of dates vary from 12/31/2022 to 12/31/2023.



What sets us apart?

Private Markets
Our clients rely on our long-standing private markets expertise to capitalize on inefficient markets, add diversification potential, and seek attractive risk-adjusted returns across a range of strategies.

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Natural climate solutions
Over 30 years of experience sustainably managing and investing in natural resources, we’re the world’s largest natural capital investment manager*. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible investing has been a core guiding principle since the inception of our timberland and agriculture businesses in 1985.

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*IPE research as of 1/29/2024. Ranking is based on total Natural Capital AUM, which includes forestry/timberland and agriculture/farmland AUM. Firms were asked to provide AUM and the as of dates vary from 12/31/2022 to 12/31/2023.


Fixed income
Our clients around the world depend on us to help generate income and preserve wealth. We take that responsibility to heart, offering diverse strategies built on autonomous teams, strong centralized resources, and a heritage of risk management.

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Alpha-focused equity
We are active investors who place our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to helping clients achieve their long-term objectives by providing them with customizable, differentiated strategies.

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Multi-asset solutions
We help clients seek better outcomes through a range of portfolio solutions built over more than 25 years of multi-asset innovation.

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