Manulife Investment Management (Forestry/Agriculture) (Strategies)

Our clients rely on our long-standing private markets expertise to capitalize on inefficient markets, add diversification potential, and seek attractive risk-adjusted returns across a range of strategies.

Timberland investment - Explore our strategy

Why timberland? Timberland investments have long demonstrated strong financial results and can provide portfolio diversification and potential inflation protection while positively affecting global communities by the sustainable management of timberland assets. As nature-based solutions, forests provide positive social and environmental impacts by sequestering carbon, providing wildlife habitats, and offering other ecosystem services such as providing clean water or recreational opportunities. Growing global demand for timber provides investors with an opportunity to benefit from favorable supply-and-demand dynamics, underpinned by strong macro factors, including mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The growing number of corporate commitments to net zero emissions and global attention to climate change and carbon markets are creating new opportunities to manage forests for carbon value in addition to timber value.

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Agriculture investment - Explore our strategy

Why invest in agriculture? Agriculture investments have a long history of generating strong financial results. The low correlation of farmland returns with the returns of other classes means that farmland can provide diversification benefits within investor portfolios. Farmland investments may also offer moderate inflation protection. As a nature-based solution, farmland can provide positive social and environmental benefits by sequestering carbon, maintaining biodiversity, and contributing to rural economic vitality. As the global population grows, demand for food and fiber is expected to increase. Investors can capitalize on this trend while also benefiting from opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change.

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