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  • Macroeconomic Picture - April 2020
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    Macroeconomic Picture - April 2020

    2020-04-02T16:13:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    Heading towards a sharp contraction in H1; H2 recovery shaped by the duration of the crisis and by the effectiveness of the unprecedented policy response, once the post-containment normalization phase starts.While a state of emergency has been declared by the President, almost all states are implementing emergency measures with various degrees of severity, from preventing gatherings to statewide quarantines.

  • Oil Jumps, Jobs Slump, More Fiscal Help Coming
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    Oil Jumps, Jobs Slump, More Fiscal Help Coming

    2020-04-02T13:36:00Z By Barings (Europe)

    President Trump expects Saudi Arabia and Russia to cut oil production and prices surged ~25% on the news. Initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits skyrocketed, doubling the previous week’s record and there is more talk of future fiscal packages.

  • Uncorrelated Strategies Market Update
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    Uncorrelated Strategies Market Update

    2020-04-02T09:59:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    In this short video, Portfolio Manager, Fred Ingham provides an update on current conditions across uncorrelated strategies, offering his thoughts on both the short and longer-term impacts of COVID-19 on asset markets. He also updates on the positioning of Neuberger Berman’s portfolios.

  • Valuations have fallen sharply, but buyers beware
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    Blog | Valuations have fallen sharply, but buyers beware

    2020-04-02T08:44:00Z By FTSE Russell

    On all metrics, equity valuations are at multiyear lows. But until there’s more clarity on the pandemic’s impact on earnings, stock pricing is more noise than signal.  With global equity benchmarks in bear-market territory, valuations haven’t been this low in years. But given the still-opaque outlook for world economies and earnings, the caveat of “let the buyer beware” remains an apt warning.

  • Coronavirus - the long-term impacts on emerging markets
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    Coronavirus: the long-term impacts on emerging markets

    2020-04-02T08:37:00Z By Federated Hermes

    Beyond the shockwaves, immense uncertainty and eventual recovery, each economic crisis changes the way society and corporations operate, leaving scars but also spurring innovation.

  • Viral volatility - how Covid-19 is infecting sentiment
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    Viral volatility: how Covid-19 is infecting sentiment

    2020-04-02T08:34:00Z By Federated Hermes

    The stock markets are characterised by long stretches of calm punctuated by times of crisis – the most recent of which is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Amid the rapid global spread of Covid-19, worries about economic growth have intensified and equity markets have suffered steep pullbacks.

  • Pandemic panic - making sense of investor behaviour
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    Pandemic panic: making sense of investor behaviour

    2020-04-02T08:27:00Z By Federated Hermes

    The current market shakeout has caused extreme reactions among both consumers and investors. But are we wrong to suggest that investors are behaving irrationally in response to this coronavirus crisis? In this piece, we look at the market moves over the past month and consider how investors can use an active approach to confront their internal biases.

  • Coronavirus – Weekly update – 01:04:2020
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    Coronavirus – Weekly update – 01/04/2020

    2020-04-01T14:05:00Z By BNP Paribas Asset Management

    This blog is the first of a regular update on our COVID-19 strategy: our assessment of the virus itself and the public health approach for containing it; the economic cost of dealing with the pandemic and the policy responses to mitigate the damage; and ultimately the implications for financial markets and investment strategy.

  • Are investors too complacent about the coronavirus?
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    Are investors too complacent about the coronavirus?

    2020-04-01T09:30:00Z By Aviva Investors

    In the latest of our editorial series, Link, AIQ brings members of Aviva Investors’ investment strategy, equity and debt teams together to discuss the prospects for financial markets and the world economy in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.

  • investors-should-listen-to-the-real-experts
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    COVID-19: When it comes to pandemics, investors should listen to the real experts

    2020-04-01T09:07:00Z By Aviva Investors

    In early February, with financial markets oblivious to medical experts’ warnings about the dangers posed by the coronavirus, Ian Pizer of Aviva Investors’ investment strategy team began to look into the medical research to learn more about the potential outcomes and the implications for the global economy and markets. What he discovered raises questions about financial market participants’ ability to react to issues they don’t fully understand.

  • Volatile Start to 2020 – What’s Next?
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    Volatile Start to 2020 – What’s Next?

    2020-04-01T07:25:00Z By S&P Dow Jones Indices

    Last year’s prognostications about the events and trends to monitor in 2020 have evaporated as COVID-19 has upended people’s lives and caused massive recalibrations in financial markets.  In Q1 2020, we said “goodbye to the bull market”; large market movements became the new normal; correlations and dispersion shifted drastically; quantitative easing returned; and access to liquidity was important for many, in both equity and fixed income markets. Remarkably, all of this took place in little over a month. So much for 2020 foresight!

  • China outperforms in worst quarter for global stocks
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    Blog | China outperforms in worst quarter for global stocks

    2020-04-01T06:25:00Z By FTSE Russell

    Call it a case of first in, first out: Despite the distinction of being the initial epicenter of the now global coronavirus outbreak, China’s equity market suffered far less than both the emerging and developed indexes in the March downdraft and for the year so far.

  • How Could Covid-19 Affect 5G?
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    How Could Covid-19 Affect 5G?

    2020-03-31T15:22:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    The way we live, work and learn has shifted markedly since the Covid-19 outbreak. With greater reliance on online resources, we see an increased demand for faster network speeds that could be enabled by 5G. How could the pandemic affect 5G rollouts? Where are the opportunities? Watch YT Boon, Director of Research – Asia, as he shares his insights on the demand for this service.

  • Audio Insight - The Course of COVID-19
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    Audio Insight: The Course of COVID-19

    2020-03-31T14:42:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    Terri Towers, Senior Healthcare Research Analyst looks at the current progression of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as her views on inflection points and treatment timelines.

  • COVID-19 Highlights Fragilities of the Gig Economy
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    COVID-19 Highlights Fragilities of the Gig Economy

    2020-03-31T14:02:00Z By Lazard Asset Management LLC

    Companies are having to make very important decisions about how to manage human capital through the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including how to deliver on their responsibilities to their employees and customers, as well as their shareholders. Many gig economy businesses have proven to be valuable network enablers at this time, ferrying food around locked-down areas and responding to exceptional levels of demand. However, the pandemic is also acutely highlighting the precarious nature of the gig economy worker-company relationship.

  • March Macro Dashboard
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    March Macro Dashboard

    2020-03-31T13:33:00Z By Barings (Europe)

    The global economy is in the throes of a recession as it battles COVID-19. GDP growth across the Eurozone and U.K. is set to contract in the second quarter. While China is beginning to lift restrictions, Japan is only beginning to crack down on social distancing as cases rise.

  • Market stability improves, but portfolio questions remain
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    Market stability improves, but portfolio questions remain

    2020-03-31T13:05:00Z By Nuveen

    At this point, it appears the worst of the panic selling across global financial markets may be behind us. Thanks in large part to widespread stimulus measures, market liquidity has been returning, but investors remain unsure of how to structure and rebalance their portfolios. 

  • Real Estate House View - Switzerland
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    Swiss Life - Insights: March 2020

    2020-03-31T10:45:00Z By Swiss Life Asset Managers (Real Estate)

    Political uncertainty, slowing economies and “lower for longer” – the topics discussed in 2019 continued well into 2020. Apart from Brexit, the US presidential election jumped into focus, while the trade dispute between US and China is still ongoing. For the Eurozone, we expect the economy to grow by 0.9%, slightly lower than the Consensus Forecast of 1.0%. This is marginally better than was expected.

  • Covid-19 impact - European asset-backed securities
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    Covid-19 impact: European asset-backed securities

    2020-03-30T16:09:00Z By M&G Investments

    Trade opportunities emerge from price dislocations

  • The Path To Recovery - What’s Next?
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    CIOs’ Views The Path to Recovery: What’s Next?

    2020-03-30T14:59:00Z By Franklin Templeton Investments

    Our CIOs’ Global Investment Outlook expands on navigating periods of uncertainty and volatility.