A global leader in active, responsible investment
Federated Hermes is guided by the conviction that responsible investing is the best way to create long-term wealth.

We provide specialised capabilities across equity, fixed income and private markets, in addition to multi-asset strategies and proven liquidity-management solutions.

Through our world-leading stewardship services, we engage companies on strategic and sustainability concerns to promote investors’ long-term performance and fiduciary interests.

Our goals are to help individuals invest and retire better, to help clients achieve better risk-adjusted returns, and to contribute to positive outcomes in the wider world.

Becoming Federated Hermes
Our brand launched in February 2020, when Federated Hermes, Inc. listed on the New York Stock Exchange, strengthening our position as a global leader in active, responsible investment.

This was a natural step in the development of Federated Investors and Hermes Investment Management. Since Federated became the majority owner of Hermes in 2018, we have been united by a shared commitment to client-centric responsible investment and long-term business growth.

We are the international business of Federated Hermes
All activities previously carried out by Hermes now form the international business of Federated Hermes. Our brand has evolved, but we still provide the same distinct investment propositions, deep integration of responsibility and industry-leading stewardship capabilities for which we are renowned – in addition to important new offerings from the entire group. 

Responsibility: our past, present and future
The Federated Hermes group is committed to incorporating ESG considerations as fundamental factors in investment strategies. Through EOS, our specialist stewardship services team with a 15-year track record of effective engagement, we seek to advance best-practice active ownership for the benefit of investors, companies and the world at large.

* As of February 3, 2020