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  • Tipping point- UK Nature Strategy


    Tipping point: UK Nature Strategy


    In this video, the UK Nature team explain how their strategy aims to provide a commercial rate of return through exposure to projects that restore natural capital and biodiversity in the UK.

  • Engagement case study- LyondellBasell

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    Engagement case study: LyondellBasell


    As part of the Climate Action 100+, we co-led engagement with the company on setting and disclosing ambitious climate targets.

  • UK outlook brightens as rate cuts loom

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    UK outlook brightens as rate cuts loom


    The Bank of England held rates at 5.25% this week, but its accompanying statement made clear that, given the broader outlook for inflation, the prospect of rate cuts this summer has increased.

  • Green bonds boom boosts case for credit engagement

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    Green bonds boom boosts case for credit engagement


    EOS has engaged with companies on behalf of bondholders for many years, recognising that credit portfolios can be hard hit in the wake of serious controversies. Ross Teverson explains how we have evolved our engagement approach as the size of the sustainable bond market has grown.

  • Improving corporate governance in Asia

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    Improving corporate governance in Asia


    Regulators across Asia are trying to boost shareholder value by addressing some longstanding corporate governance issues. But are we seeing genuine improvements at the company level or a tick box approach? Haonan Wu examines the evidence.

  • Emerging market debt- the strong recovery continues

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    Emerging market debt: the strong recovery continues


    After a difficult couple of years for the asset class, emerging market debt (EMD) is one of the fastest growing parts of the wider fixed-income universe.

  • carbon-capture-banner

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    Is carbon capture the climate fix we need?


    To date, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) has been long on promises and short on delivery. But hard-to-abate industries are likely to rely on the technology to get to net-zero emissions. Michael Yamoah and Shoa Hirosato examine the implications for companies and investors.

  • Public Engagement Report Q1 2024

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    Public Engagement Report Q1 2024


    The Q1 Public Engagement Report from EOS at Federated Hermes focuses on carbon capture, utilisation and storage and the implications for companies relying on it to meet their net-zero emission targets. Plus, how the growth of sustainable bonds has reinforced the case for credit engagement.

  • Your Questions Answered- Global Emerging Markets

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    Your Questions Answered: Global Emerging Markets


    In the latest in our ‘Your Questions Answered’ series, Chris Clube, Co-Portfolio Manager on the GEMs strategy, discusses the team’s definition of a ‘quality’ company, their view on investing in Chinese equities and whether the India growth story is overhyped.

  • Paradigm shift

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    Paradigm shift: market snapshot


    Stronger-than-forecast US economic reads and hawkish comments from the US Federal Reserve have brought rate-cut hopes crashing to earth.

  • Korea discount- a dream deferred?

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    Korea discount: a dream deferred?


    South Korean authorities are looking at a number of measures to address the ‘Korea discount’. Most won’t work, says Jonathan Pines, Lead Portfolio Manager, Asia ex-Japan Equity.

  • fhl-us-smid-15-for-15-banner-image-april-2024

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    Article 15 for 15: A US SMID retrospective


    Over the 15 years of his involvement in the US small- and mid-cap Strategy, portfolio manager Mark Sherlock has witnessed many different markets and economic conditions. Read our retrospective to learn the importance of seeking downside protection, how the tortoise beats the hare and why you should never let a good crisis go to waste.