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    2022-09-19T09:39:00Z By Barings

    The global economy remained largely resilient in the first half of 2022, despite war in Eastern Europe, commodity shortages, and inflation. However, this is leading most major central banks to turn increasingly hawkish and frontload rate hikes which should weigh on growth.

  • PM Spotlight- The Art and Science of Investing
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    PM Spotlight: The Art and Science of Investing

    2022-09-08T09:21:00Z By Allspring Global Investments

    In this inaugural edition of PM Spotlight, we sit down with Henrietta Pacquement, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Global Fixed Income, to profile her unique background and leadership in her field of expertise.

  • Fixed Income Insights (Canada Edition) - September 2022
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    Fixed Income Insights (Canada Edition) - September 2022

    2022-09-06T15:51:00Z By FTSE Russell

    Global government bonds sold off in August, notably in long-dated maturities, as G7 central banks maintained their aggressive inflation-fighting stances and negated speculation of an imminent pivot, despite the risk of recession. Canadian high yield credits’ flat returns modestly outperformed negative returns elsewhere.

  • Generali - Are we entering the zone of oversold credit?
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    Are we entering the zone of oversold credit?

    2022-09-01T11:43:00Z By Generali Investments

    With the Aperture Investors SICAV - Credit Opportunities Fund reaching its three year anniversary this August, Simon Thorp looks ahead and explains why long credit stands out in the current environment.

  • The impact of credit risk for pension plans engaging with CDI
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    The impact of credit risk for pension plans engaging with CDI

    2022-09-01T11:19:00Z By Moody's Analytics

    Cashflow-driven investing (CDI) has gained significant traction in recent years as pension plans have successfully de-risked and strengthened their balance sheets over the last decade. Increasing numbers of plans are able to allocate significant proportions (potentially all of their assets) to fixed income like assets so that cashflow income closely matches expected liability payment, thus providing a simpler hedge and reducing the complexity of portfolios. Investment products, strategies and asset classes have developed to facilitate this approach.

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    Markets Testing Central Bank Resolve

    2022-08-23T14:09:00Z By Barings

    Despite hawkish comments by Fed officials this week, markets continue to price in a more dovish path for rates. The BoE hiked 50bps and downgraded its economic outlook, calling for a U.K. recession in Q4. Eyes will be on U.S. CPI next week to gauge whether inflation is peaking.

  • The sleeping giant- Unlocking sustainable finance
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    The sleeping giant: Unlocking sustainable finance

    2022-08-05T11:11:00Z By Federated Hermes

    Many banks are failing to realise their impact potential, thus missing out on commercial opportunity in the real economy

  • Fixed Income Insights (China Edition) - August 2022
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    Fixed Income Insights (China Edition) - August 2022

    2022-08-03T09:31:00Z By FTSE Russell

    Chinese government bond returns were modest in July, compared to their global peers, following concerns over the global economic downturn. YTD Chinese $ high yield credit losses deepened compared to those of US HY, which rallied.

  • Fixed Income Insights - August 2022
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    Fixed Income Insights - August 2022

    2022-08-03T09:22:00Z By FTSE Russell

    Global bond markets were dominated in July by concerns over the severity of the global economic downturn and hopes that central banks front-loading interest rate hikes would mean a quicker end to the tightening cycle. A broad relief rally in global bonds reversed some of the YTD underperformance.

  • Barings - Combating higher rates

    Private Credit: What’s in Store for the Months Ahead?

    2022-07-25T14:09:00Z By Barings

    Co-Heads of Global Private Finance, Adam Wheeler and Ian Fowler, describe how the economic backdrop is impacting the asset class, what assets look better-positioned heading into a potential recession and where opportunities may arise going forward.

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    How much longer will higher rates and a strong USD affect EM sovereign and US HY credit

    2022-07-21T11:45:00Z By FTSE Russell

    EM and US high yield credits have come under increasing pressure in the last twelve months, especially in Q2 2022, as hawkish shifts by central banks and growing concerns about the outlook for the global economy have weighed on appetite for “risky” assets generally. 

  • How Insurers Contribute To Green Finance Via Sustainable Bonds
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    Transition To a Net-Zero Carbon Economy: How Insurers Contribute To Green Finance Via Sustainable Bonds

    2022-07-12T11:18:00Z By Natixis Investment Managers

    The sustainable bond market recorded another tremendous year of growth in 2021, with €960 bn of bonds issued. This represents an increase of 80% vs 2020. This strong market expansion is being driven by institutional investors, for whom combating climate change and seeking positive social impacts have become strategic challenges.

  • Fixed Income Insights - July 2022
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    Fixed Income Insights - July 2022

    2022-07-07T16:23:00Z By FTSE Russell

    Bond investors were unnerved in the second quarter as major central banks signaled a more aggressive monetary tightening in their fight to prevent inflation from spiralling out of control, making a global recession more likely. Long-dated conventional and inflationlinked bonds have posted the biggest declines. Credit also fell, especially euro high yield bonds.

  • A safe haven in a time of uncertainty
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    A safe haven in a time of uncertainty

    2022-07-04T15:52:00Z By Royal London Asset Management

    Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) has partnered with Fundrock distribution S.A, who will distribute RLAM’s products and services in the EEA. This follows the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union and ending of the subsequent transition period, as UK Financial Services firms, including RLAM, can no longer passport their business into the EEA.

  • Credit Factor Investing with Machine Learning techniques
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    Credit Factor Investing with Machine Learning techniques

    2022-07-01T15:39:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    The most common models to assess asset returns are a linear combination of risk factors. We have employed tree-based machine learning algorithms to capture nonlinearities and detect interaction effects among risk factors in the EUR and USD credit space. We have built a nonlinear credit pricing model and compared it to our baseline linear credit pricing model using error metrics on training and testing sets and during different periods. 

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    Calm before the storm − can US high yield weather further rate hikes?

    2022-06-28T14:52:00Z By FTSE Russell

    Despite tightening financial conditions, US high yield credit spreads have remained at around pre-Covid levels. But can this last? With its latest 0.75% increase in June, the US Federal Reserve is delivering on its overt aggressive approach, having lifted its target for the federal funds rate to a range of 1.5% to 1.75% since March – the same level of rates last seen before the Covid-19 shock in March 2020.

  • Five Reasons Private Assets May Offer Shelter from the Storm
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    Five Reasons Private Assets May Offer Shelter from the Storm

    2022-06-21T13:44:00Z By Barings

    Given the challenges in today’s market, private assets can offer a number of advantages—from an illiquidity premium, to diversification, to protection from rising rates and inflation.

  • Private Credit Masterclass

    Private Credit Masterclass

    2022-06-21T13:40:00Z By Barings

    What is private credit, why is it worth consideration today, and how can investors access the market? Alice Foucault and Aaron Gillespie give a 10-minute overview of the market.

  • ESG journey is set to accelerate in credit markets
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    ESG journey is set to accelerate in credit markets

    2022-06-20T16:10:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    Last year global sustainable debt issuance hit a record of over $1.4tn, with the overall sustainable debt universe expanding to near $3.4tn. In the first quarter of 2022 this healthy trend halted temporarily, as high energy prices and rising borrowing costs weighed on market trends.

  • The Two-Way Market Persists
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    The Two-Way Market Persists

    2022-06-05T21:42:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    In a webinar a few weeks back, my colleagues, Joe Amato and Erik Knutzen, and I sought to size up the market environment of ongoing volatility and selloffs, pressure from the Federal Reserve, and fears about inflation and growth.