Outerblue Convictions – Steering through turning tides in 2024

A special edition of Amundi’s monthly Convictions podcast focusing on the outlook for developed markets in 2024. 

The theme of renewed global disorder has been a topic of conversation for some years, emerging from a convergence of ideological, economic, political and technological transitions. These transitions spread uncertainty on a global scale and have a knock-on effect on how and when policymakers react. 2024 will be a year of transition, of turning tides, in growth, inflation and monetary policy.   

Swaha Pattanaik and Monica Defend, Head of Amundi Investment Institute, take a closer look at Amundi’s outlook for 2024 and what this new global disorder means for markets and investments. What are the main expectations for 2024 in terms of growth across the main regions? When should we expect central banks to start cutting rates? They also discuss some of the main investment risks from the ongoing geopolitical uncertainty and its implications for asset allocation. They finish by taking broader look at some of the investment opportunities that may arise from longer term themes.

You can now listen to the full podcast at the link below