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  • Asset allocation update - credit upgraded amid fluid and uncertain backdrop
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    Asset allocation update: credit upgraded amid fluid and uncertain backdrop

    2020-03-26T10:30:00Z By Columbia Threadneedle Investments

    The ultimate public health costs and economic impact of Covid-19 are at this time unknown. Public health responses have weighed the human cost of intensive care units being overwhelmed and the number of preventable deaths exploding against the jump higher in unemployment, collapse in investment and demand destruction attached to social distancing. Governments have, understandably, chosen life over wealth.

  • Middle Market Direct Lending
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    Middle Market Direct Lending

    2020-03-09T10:26:00Z By Franklin Templeton Investments

    Middle market direct lending, embraced by institutional investors, has developed into a mature asset class over the last two decades. The strategy has many attractive attributes: the potential for strong risk-adjusted returns, current income payout, lower volatility compared to other fixed income alternatives, and less correlation to traditional asset classes. With the proliferation of investors allocating capital to the space, it is imperative to recognize that not all direct lending managers are the same.

  • Monthly Market Monitor - March 2020
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    Monthly Market Monitor - March 2020

    2020-03-05T16:38:00Z By Eaton Vance

    Eaton Vance Monthly Market Monitor presents a concise review of economic and asset class data through clear and impactful charts. Providing timely information across a broad array of markets and investment topics, this guide serves as a helpful resource in providing connectivity between changing market events and implications for investor portfolios. Use Eaton Vance Monthly Market Monitor as a critical desk reference that enables more informed discussion and understanding of financial markets.

  • How and Why S&P Dividend Aristocrats Work
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    How and Why S&P Dividend Aristocrats Work

    2020-03-03T14:47:00Z By S&P Dow Jones Indices

    Explore how a focus on quality dividend growth influences risk/return and take a closer look at S&P

  • 2020 Institutional Rebalancing Survey
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    2020 Institutional Rebalancing Survey

    2020-02-27T17:03:00Z By BlackRock

    We surveyed 271 institutional clients across the globe, representing over US$9.8 trillion in investible assets, to discover how they plan to rebalance assets in 2020. Explore the results below.

  • Personal Values, Responsible Investing And Stock Allocation
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    Personal Values, Responsible Investing And Stock Allocation

    2020-02-25T13:51:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    We analyze the portfolio choices of approximately 965,500 active participants in employee saving plans in France. Looking at the cross-section of equity exposure, we find that the inclusion of responsible equity options in the menu of available funds is associated with a 2.4% higher equity allocation by plan participants.

  • The Valuation of Low Volatility
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    The Valuation of Low Volatility

    2020-02-24T14:55:00Z By S&P Dow Jones Indices

    What is commonly referred to as the low volatility anomaly is not a recent discovery; it has been well documented in academic research for over four decades

  • Multi-asset allocation views - Why the bull run in global equities could continue
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    Multi-asset allocation views: Why the bull run in global equities could continue

    2020-02-12T10:49:00Z By Aviva Investors

    Sunil Krishnan discusses the conditions for a continued rise in global equities, the potential of Japanese and US equities to outperform from a regional perspective, and some attractive features of emerging markets – particularly Brazil – which may have been overlooked.

  • Asset classes views - Detecting Tipping Points
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    Asset classes views: Detecting Tipping Points

    2020-02-06T09:30:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    The report highlights the causal relationships between macro-economic factors and long term trends in asset prices, incorporating the latest discussions and analysis and drawing on insights from Amundi’s industry experts. We confirm our central scenario of  subdued growth and inflation on a global scale, albeit leading to even lower returns due to complications from late-cycle investing. Recovery is likely as rates and profits normalise while central bank authorities stock up on the ammunitions needed to face further cyclical downturns.

  • Top Risk Map - February 2020
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    Top Risk Map - February 2020

    2020-02-05T09:52:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    At the start of the 2020s, markets continued to be dominated by geopolitical issues, with short-lived Iran tensions at the forefront initially, followed by the news regarding a phase one trade deal between the US and China. Now, growth expectations are becoming the main driver of the market. That’s why the recent volatility due to the news about the spreading of the corona virus in China is higher than in the case of US-Iran tensions, as the epidemic could harm China (and global growth) if not contained soon (not our base case at the moment).

  • Investment Phazer Update - downward trend is confirmed
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    Investment Phazer Update: downward trend is confirmed

    2020-02-05T09:41:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    While in the short term we do expect some temporary relief coming from positive economic surprises and supportive news on the trade front (should coronavirus impact be limited), on a medium-term horizon our economic scenario confirms the fragility of the profit cycle.

  • Risks Rebalanced - Asset Allocation Committee Outlook 1Q 2020
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    Risks Rebalanced - Asset Allocation Committee Outlook 1Q 2020

    2020-01-28T10:11:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    On Tuesday, January 14, Erik Knutzen, CIO of Multi-Asset Class, Gorky Urquieta, Co-Head of Emerging Markets Debt, and Conrad Saldanha, Senior Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equity, discussed the AAC’s latest views on navigating the current market environment.

  • ETFs in the 2020s - four trends to watch
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    ETFs in the 2020s: four trends to watch

    2020-01-24T09:55:00Z By FTSE Russell

    The increased adoption of ETFs was one of the most striking of all the investment revolutions that characterized the 2010s. A decade ago, many retail investors still considered ETFs to be novel, exotic, and somewhat complicated. And institutions weren’t rushing to embrace ETFs either, as many were already reaping low cost benefits from other index vehicles.

  • Capital Market Assumptions - 5 Year Outlook
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    Capital Market Assumptions - 5 Year Outlook

    2020-01-21T10:57:00Z By Northern Trust Asset Management

    Every year, Northern Trust’s Capital Market Assumptions Working Group develops forward-looking, historically aware forecasts for global economic activity and financial market returns that drive our five-year asset class return expectations and inform our asset allocation decisions. All of this comes together in the form of our long-term strategic asset allocations, which are used by institutional and individual investors worldwide.

  • Five Multi-Asset Strategies for 2020’s Challenges
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    Five Multi-Asset Strategies for 2020’s Challenges

    2020-01-20T10:31:00Z By AllianceBernstein

    The last decade produced great performance across most asset classes. But in the 2020s, we expect investment market returns will be lower and risk harder to manage. Looking forward, a disciplined multi-asset approach will be especially valuable to identify opportunities and help mitigate setbacks.

  • Investment Outlook Q1 2020 - Slowing but going
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    Investment Outlook Q1 2020: Slowing but going

    2020-01-14T13:54:00Z By Fidelity International

    On balance, we take a moderately risk-on approach, but a wide range of economic, domestic and geopolitical risks persist. Resumption of nuclear testing by North Korea and US conflict with Iran are on the radar. There’s also the US presidential election to contend with and various flavours of increasingly extreme politics vying to outdo each other. However, late cycle dynamics appear poised to extend for at least one more year.

  • The Solvency Sharpe Ratio - Strategic Asset Allocation for Insurers
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    The Solvency Sharpe Ratio: Strategic Asset Allocation for Insurers

    2020-01-12T10:06:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    New approaches to Strategic Asset Allocation for increasingly complex insurance balance sheets.

  • Time For A Flight To Cyclical Value In European Equity
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    Time For A Flight To Cyclical Value In European Equity

    2020-01-08T16:17:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    When we look fundamentally at the risks and rewards in equity markets for 2020, we find that value o ffers better opportunities than growth as implied expectations are lower and therefore more attractive for value at this point. The performance of value vs growth has been on a downward trend for a long time, almost 13 years. In our view, the rotation towards value that started in September 2019 is likely to continue in 2020.

  • Global Investment Views - January 2020
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    Global Investment Views - January 2020

    2019-12-30T16:55:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    As we approach the year-end, a look back over the past 12 months reminds us how unconventional this year of records has been. On the upside, equities rallied to historical highs in December and fixed income returns were also strong as bond yields fell. The combination of these trends enabled a traditional 50 bond/50 equity balanced portfolio for European to investors generate 15.5%1, the best annual performance in the last two decades.

  • Outlook 2020 - The Beauty of Symmetry
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    Outlook 2020: The Beauty of Symmetry

    2019-12-20T11:33:00Z By Generali Investments

    − Global growth is finding its feet, but a powerful upswing is not around the corner: risks such a Hard Brexit (still!) and the US elections are impediments to a meaningful capex recovery.
    − 2019 was in many ways similar to 2016; but 2020 will not be a repeat of 2017. We expect equity gains to continue, but in a far more muted fashion.
    − Central banks engineered a stunning risk rally in 2019; they will be less active in 2020. But nascent efforts to make inflation targets more symmetrical will remain a risk-friendly force.