Outerblue Convictions – Global Investment Views: What stands out amongst the Santa Rally?

In our last Convictions podcast of the year, Swaha Pattanaik and Monica Defend, Head of Amundi Investment Institute, sat down last week to discuss whether any of the recent policy comments or economic data publications might have impacted our main calls for 2024. 

Are we aligned with the general consensus on when to expect interest rate cuts? What are our expectations for rates by the end of 2024? Persistent inflation levels means patience may be required.

They continue the discussions with a focus on Japan, as the country is following a different economic pathway. What are the expectations for the Bank of Japan and what might this mean for investors? The podcast finishes with a look at the themes and regions that might offer potential investment opportunities in fixed income, equities and in emerging markets over the next few months.

You can now listen to the full podcast at the link below