Exports’ dependence to China and Asia of more than 70 countries

The Coronavirus is expected to have a significant impact at least on China Q1 GDP figure. This will affect many countries firstly through exports to China (including tourism). As shown in charts below and as expected, China’s share in total of exports is high for most of Asian countries particularly for South Korea, Hong Kong and Mongolia. Including Japan, share of exports to Asia for Asian countries is above 50% except for China, India, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan.

Similarly, many commodities exporters in Latin America (especially Brazil, Peru, Chile), in Africa (Gabon, Angola) and in Middle East (Irak, Iran) are showing a huge dependence of their exports to China. Again if including Japan, share of exports to Asia is even higher (Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Qatar, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Russia).

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