Adoption of a New Urban Design Practice

IPUT, in conjunction with multinational consultancy firm, Arup is proposing the adoption of a new urban design practice, workplacemaking, to ensure office buildings and the neighbourhoods around them are more appealing for a new digitally enabled workforce, while retaining their important economic and social function in our cities. Workplacemaking is also key to building long-term resilience into commercial property assets. 

The concept of workplacemaking, which identifies five spatial typologies to support work-life activities between the office and the home, reflects the experiences and satisfaction that people are looking for from their workplaces. Through reflecting these in design by activating ground floor space, the space in between buildings and the public realm, workplacemaking aims to narrow the gap between the physical make-up of the places in which we live and in which we work.

Niall Gaffney, Chief Executive, IPUT Real Estate, commented: “We are at a watershed moment, with only 11% of office workers reporting that they will revert back to a five day office week post pandemic. There is a clear need for companies, developers and city planners to rethink the design and uses of office neighbourhoods to ensure these spaces reflect the mindset of today’s more agile workforce. The real estate industry has a unique opportunity now to make positive changes to reassert the value of future workplaces to the social and economic fabric of our towns and cities. In delivering attractive workplaces, we build resilience into our portfolio and protect the long-term value of our assets while also delivering on our commitment to a responsible investment strategy.”

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