People (10)

  • R. Scott Dennis

    R. Scott Dennis

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Dennis is the Chief Executive Officer of Invesco Real Estate (IRE). He is responsible for the day-to-day strategy execution and management of the global real estate unit.

  • Cheng-Soon Lau

    Cheng-Soon Lau

    Managing Director - Asia Pacific

    Mr. Lau joined Invesco Real Estate in January 2006 and has overall responsibility for the management of the Asia Pacific real estate business.

  • Andy Rofe

    Andy Rofe

    Managing Director - Europe

    Andy Rofe leads the European team of Invesco Real Estate, which spans eight offices and c.140 staff covering the UK and European real estate markets. He chairs the European Executive and Investment Committees, and sits on the Global Executive Committee.

  • Max Swango

    Max Swango

    Managing Director & Head of Global Client Portfolio Management

    Mr. Swango is a Founding Partner and has been with Invesco Real Estate (IRE) since 1988.  For the last 20 years he has run the investor side of IRE’s business.

  • Simon Redman

    Simon Redman

    Managing Director - Client Portfolio Management

    Simon Redman joined Invesco Real Estate in 2007 and has extensive experience in real estate fund management, capital markets, fund structuring and marketing.  He commenced his career in 1990.

  • Beth Zayicek

    Beth Zayicek

    Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer

    Beth Zayicek is a Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Invesco Real Estate.

  • R. Lee Phegley

    R. Lee Phegley

    Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Phegley is a Managing Director and the Chief Financial Officer of Invesco Private Markets.

  • Paul Michaels

    Paul Michaels

    Managing Director – North America

    Mr. Michaels has been with Invesco Real Estate (IRE) since its inception in 1983. As Director of North American Direct Real Estate, he is responsible for leading IRE’s North American business.

  • Joe Rodriguez

    Joe Rodriguez

    Managing Director & Head of Global Real Estate Securities

    Joe Rodriguez is an Invesco Managing Director and Portfolio Manager for Invesco Real Estate’s Global Securities Team. His current duties include fundamental and quantitative research on real asset securities.

  • Timothy Bellman

    Timothy Bellman

    Managing Director – Head of Global Research

    Mr. Bellman joined Invesco Real Estate’s (IRE) global research team in July 2012 and is responsible for global asset allocation and coordinating the research efforts of the three regional heads of research in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. He manages an in-house team of 16 researchers and is based in the Dallas office.