Hines Launches Willowick Residential, A Best-In-Class Multifamily Property Management Firm

Hines, the international real estate firm, today announced the launch of Willowick Residential, a multifamily property management firm. Willowick Residential will work in partnership with the firm’s rapidly growing multifamily portfolio of 63 projects across 38 U.S. cities, including luxury towers, urban mid-rises and traditional garden-style apartments.

Named after founder Gerald D. Hines’ first multifamily residential building in Houston’s River Oaks area, Willowick Residential builds on the firm’s legacy of excellence and attention to detail. In the early days of his firm, Mr. Hines managed The Willowick himself, believing that an owner had greater insight and desire to manage a building properly. 

“Rooted in the expertise of our regional offices, our growing and successful multifamily division has expanded for-rent apartment development activity throughout the United States,” said Jeff Hines, president and CEO of Hines. “Willowick Residential seeks to deliver a superior level of resident service, above-industry retention rates, cost-effective building management and superior engineering and maintenance of the physical asset.” 

Hines’ long and successful track record as an investor, partner and manager serves as the underpinning of Willowick’s experience and approach. Applying decades of real estate success in every sector, Willowick Residential is uniquely equipped to resolve any issue, delivering knowledge and skill through ongoing market research, engineering standards and preventative maintenance that extend the life of major infrastructure, wise capital investment and a focus on providing exceptional service to residents. 

Launched earlier this year, Willowick Residential is currently managing nine properties and counting throughout the United States. The venture’s competencies include acquisition services, advisory services, engineering and maintenance, team member recruiting and development, lease-up and transition services, marketing and communications, reputation management, market analysis and research, vendor compliance and information technology.

Hines has managed properties since its inception in 1957, establishing operational excellence as a core value. With 35 team members so far with decades of experience, the venture’s competencies include unparalleled service, asset management, energy efficiency and the reduction of real estate investment risk. The Willowick Residential property teams are highly experienced, thoughtfully trained, and will bring Hines’ standards and experience to all properties to deliver superior service, cost-effective building management and above-industry retention.