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Hines is a global real estate investment, development and management firm, founded in 1957, with a presence in 225 cities in 25 countries and $144.1bn of assets under management – including $75.5bn for which Hines serves as investment manager and $68.6bn for which Hines provides third-party property management services.

Hines remains a privately owned company with exceptionally strong values and integrity and one that carefully guards its clients’ reputation as much as its own. This ownership structure allows Hines to take a long-term view and pursue strategies that help the company weather real estate cycles.

Hines’ portfolio of existing projects, completed and acquired, includes more than 1,591 properties representing 536m sq ft of office, living/ housing, mixed-use, industrial/logistics, hospitality, medical and sports facilities, as well as large master-planned communities and land developments. In addition, Hines’ property management portfolio includes 576 properties totaling 246.6m sq ft of prime real estate. The firm has approximately 4,820 employees, most often locals in their specific investment market, executing the different activities of Hines globally.

With extensive experience in investments across the risk spectrum and all property types, and a pioneering commitment to sustainability, Hines is one of the largest and most respected real estate organisations in the world.

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Source: Hines, 30 June 2020.

Sector forecasts 

INDUSTRIAL: The historic relationship between industrial properties and GDP growth will cap the sector’s performance over the near term. An acceler- ated shift to e-commerce should keep absorption positive, but frictional pains with re-tenanting legacy retailer warehouse space and supply-side pressure from the robust construction pipeline will limit the potential for rent growth. Over the long term, technological and cultural changes favour increasing investment in logistics. This sector should resume above-trend rent growth and increasing institutional attention once the economy rebounds to normal. 

OFFICE: The question of how work-from-home will affect future office leasing patterns remains unresolved. Domestic fundamentals remain healthy for now despite the challenges of social distancing in the office. Should telecommuting emerge as a drag on future demand, office performance may diverge along the lines of building age, accessibility, and ammenitisation. Companies committed to office culture may drive demand for the development of more functional office stock and potentially accelerate the rate of obsolescence among commodity product.

RESIDENTIAL: Cash flow has become a struggle for residential as the sector fights to maintain occupancy and manage collections during the recession. Urban submarkets in particular are struggling to justify their rent premiums during periods of work-from-home and quarantine. While this corresponding renter shift to the suburbs may be transient, a longer-term demographic shift also favours the suburbs as Millennial renters enter their child-raising years and seek out more space and better schools. Residential rents may suffer a harsh downturn, but the short-term nature of leases may mean a quick recovery.

RETAIL: The beleaguered retail sector has suffered a disproportionate blow from the COVID pandemic. Retail write-downs have been the steepest among the major property types, suggesting investors see retail in a long-term decline. Indeed, with many traditional retailers announcing store closures and bankruptcies, aggregate demand is bound to shrink. The recession may offer limited investment opportunities stemming from the pricing reset. Leasing from e-tailers shows the inherent value of physical stores in strategic locations. Look for areas defined by affluence, growth, and mixed-use density to lead the recovery.

Investment principles & strategy

Hines’ philosophy is to focus on high-quality properties and maximise value through the firm’s vertically integrated platform. Hines believes that the highest quality properties, both in terms of physical characteristics and location, are generally able to outperform their respective markets. Hines believes that this approach translates into more consistent investment performance for investors over the long term, while mitigating short-term downside risks and potential gaps in rental income.

Hines’ local market knowledge, when coupled with its central resources, investment management and proprietary research, creates a marked difference between Hines and its competitors. This vertical integration and deep understanding of real estate both from an investor’s point of view and as a world-class operator is the hallmark of Hines. This investment philosophy has been developed and refined over 60 years of experience and applies to all mandates and all real estate sectors.

Investment ideas are generated by bringing together the top-down guidance from the firm’s Proprietary Research Group, strategy and investment management teams together with the expertise and concrete investment opportunities that the local Hines teams originate.

Hines believes that the integration of these critical real estate investment functions within one organisation provides a competitive advantage that will directly benefit the investment.

Strategic corporate development

Hines takes a holistic approach to real estate investing that creates an advantage for investors. Sophisticated trend analysis, deep local market knowledge, and hands-on operational expertise allow Hines to swiftly capitalise on opportunities as it seeks to optimise every aspect of real estate to maximise value. With the rapidly changing market environments within each real estate sector and regions, Hines is able to leverage its presence in 225 cities and 25 countries to gather real time local data for their proprietary research and strategy teams to identify opportunities across the risk spectrum and serve the investors.

With over 60 years of real estate experience, Hines continually seeks strategic ways to grow the business. Through strong partnerships with valued clients, Hines continues to foster organic growth while meeting the needs of investors. Hines offers a variety of real estate products across the risk spectrum and throughout worldwide geographies to provide solutions to investors. Over the next year, Hines will continue to expand its core flagship funds in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Hines will also continue to partner with investors on deveIoping strategic opportunities which include student housing, last mile logistics, ESG and various other strategies. 


All information is as at 30 June 2020 and sourced to Hines Interests Limited Partnership.

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