People (12)

  • David Steinbach

    Global Chief Investment Officer/ Co-Head, Investment Management

    Mr. Steinbach serves as Global Chief Investment Officer and Co-Head of Investment Management, responsible for directing investment strategy for Hines.

  • Chris Hughes

    CEO, Capital Markets/Co-Head, Investment Management

    Mr. Hughes serves as CEO of the Capital Markets group and Co-Head of Investment Management. He is responsible for all institutional capital raising activities globally, including structuring of commingled funds and joint ventures. His past experience includes serving as a development officer in Hines’ Washington, D.C. office and CEO of the firm's East Region.

  • Cameron Falconer

    COO/Deputy Head of Capital Markets

    Mr. Falconer is responsible for coordinating capital raises for flagship discretionary funds and strategic separate accounts, as well as orchestrating and supporting coverage of important real estate investors globally.

  • Alfonso Munk

    Chief Investment Officer, Americas

    Mr. Munk serves as Chief Investment Officer for Hines’ Americas business and leads its Investment Management platform in the region.

  • John Faust

    Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets- Americas

    Mr. Faust serves as Senior Managing Director and is responsible for raising Americas based capital.

  • Andie Scanlan

    Managing Director, Capital Markets- Americas

    Ms. Scanlan serves as Director and is responsible for raising Americas based capital.

  • Sarah Hawkins

    CEO, East Region

    Ms. Hawkins is the CEO of Hines' East Region and is responsible for all development, acquisition, asset management and operations activity in the region, which includes active offices in New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

  • Steve Luthman

    CEO, U.S. Midwest & Southeast Regions and Canada

    Steve leads strategy, new business, and platform growth across the U.S. Midwest and Southeast regions and Canada.

  • Mark Cover

    CEO, Southwest Region

    Mr. Cover is a Senior Managing Director responsible for overseeing all development, acquisition and operational activities in the Southwest United States, Mexico and Central America.

  • Douglas H. Metzler

    CEO, West Region

    Mr. Metzler serves as CEO of the Hines' West Region, where he oversees all development, acquisition, and operations activity throughout the region.

  • Michael Krause

    Managing Director, Capital Markets-Europe

    Mr. Krause is a Managing Director for Capital Markets-Europe. Mr. Krause oversees Investor Relations for the European vehicles and is responsible for onboarding new investors and managing active investor relationships.

  • Melissa Brown

    Managing Director, Capital Markets - Americas