The biodiversity domino effect

Submerged cities and mass extinctions may feel 100 years away from anything we’ll ever have to witness in our lifetimes but for large swathes of nature and many communities, the emergency has already begun. Sonya Likhtman, EOS engager, outlines how and why investors can be a powerful voice for halting and reversing biodiversity loss.

There is growing awareness in the financial sector of the interlinked climate and biodiversity emergencies, and the potential impacts on economies and markets. Research suggests over 50% of global GDP is highly or moderately dependent on nature. Failure to act on these issues could result in collapsing food systems and loss of livelihoods, posing a systemic risk to the global economy.

All life on earth and all businesses, to varying degrees, are dependent on the common goods provided by nature. However, the role that nature plays has often been under-appreciated by companies and their investors – not only for its intrinsic and societal value, but also for the economic value that it underpins.

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