Have a look at our book - 2020 Edition

The book you have in your hands is the 2020 edition of Amundi Research papers. This book represents a selection of the working papers and discussion papers which seem the most representative of our work for the past 12 months. Some of the papers have already been published in academic reviews, others are scheduled to be published, others have been the subject of presentations at international conferences, others are the result of collaborations with academic institutions developed in through chairs.

Topics covered by our research teams have been extremely varied: ESG investing on fixed income, ESG and COVID-19, money wars and crypto-assets, buybacks, vulnerability and contagion risks, classification and typology of emerging countries, responsible investing, carbon risk, globalisation and contagion, portfolio optimisation, generative adversarial networks, universal owners votes… They all had the ambition to clarify complex topics or “hot” topics, but also for some to help develop or improve investment processes.

Read the full edition now at the link below