Amundi Pension Funds Letter n°18

Every June, Amundi welcomes clients from around the world to its investment forum in Paris to discuss the new trends shaping investment. That the world has been approaching a critical juncture has been a stable topic of the past few years. But this year, the consensus was clear: We have embarked on a new era.

Amundi Pension Funds Letter n°18

The big reshuffle shaking up pensions

However, what is equally clear, is that the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the return of inflation, the end of the globalization dream have left us on unsettled and often unfamiliar ground.

The aim of the Amundi World Investment Forum, and indeed much of the material we publish for our clients, is to provide clear, insightful and thought-provoking material that looks more closely at the factors at play and helps you decipher some of the many conflicting signals. While we may not be able to predict what will come next, we can do our best to be prepared for every eventuality. 

The pensions industry too has reached a pivotal moment. Demographic trends, low yields and now the return of inflation have led to the re-evaluation, not just of portfolios, and but of pension structures as a whole, as the shift from DB to DC accelerates. The pension system in the Netherlands has long been held up as a gold standard of pension systems, so the pension reforms announced in May will be a crucial test for others to observe.

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