The cost of not acting is high

The world is facing an environmental crisis of unprecedented dimensions. Fighting climate change should be a high priority for humankind as it is closely linked to many other environmental challenges.

Climate change is causing rises in temperature, precipitation patterns, and other factors that are affecting the distribution and abundance of species, which leads to biodiversity loss. Deforestation contributes to climate change by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and it also reduces biodiversity and contributes to soil erosion. Climate change is also responsible for altering the availability and distribution of water resources, with some regions experiencing more frequent and severe droughts, floods, and storms. This can lead to water scarcity, which affects agriculture, industry, and human health. Pollution is not only responsible for greenhouse gases but is also responsible for health issues. Additionally, converting land for agriculture, urbanisation, or other purposes can affect the carbon balance of ecosystems, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions.

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