Partnering is key to regulatory compliance in 2023

After a period of international coordination following the financial crisis, regulators are once again defining their own agendas and increasing the diversity of rules across markets. According to David Petiteville, Director of Regulatory Solutions, Product, partnering with financial industry stakeholders will be key to preparing for market changes and new rules this year.

As markets move beyond the 2008 crisis, regulatory paths may diverge

Asset managers are facing a growing diversity of regulatory focus between markets. “As we move out of the 2008 crisis, markets are trying to be competitive again, and are focused on what may attract capital to their area, while at the same time continuing to protect investors and have a solid market infrastructure,” said Petiteville. “That’s where the shift is.” In Europe, safety is an argument for attracting capital. At the same time, the US has created a more accommodating regulatory environment, and since Brexit, the UK is trying to strike a balance between the two approaches,” according to Petiteville.

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