Sustainable investments in Emerging Markets

The lack of data is often the reason why professional ESG analysis of companies and countries has so far focused on the industrialised countries. This is currently changing and more and more ESG funds with a focus on Emerging Markets are being launched. Jürgen Maier, Emerging Markets expert at Raiffeisen Capital Management in Vienna, explains the challenges and opportunities associated with ESG investments in Emerging Markets.

Some financial experts have their doubts that an Emerging Markets portfolio can be managed on the basis of ESG criteria. What do you say to these sceptics?

Jürgen: It is true that sustainable investing in Emerging Markets is not quite as easy to implement as in Europe for example, but the situation has improved considerably in recent years. There are many sustainable companies in the region. The problem in the past was often that these companies did not provide the necessary data for a detailed sustainability analysis. A lot of engagement was necessary from us investors to convince the management to provide this data. This engagement is a very important part of our active management approach.

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