Præmia Healthcare (formerly Icade Santé): 2023 HALF YEAR RESULTS

The Præmia Healthcare Group’s financial statements as June 30, 2023 reflect a solid business performance and a high level of protection against interest rate risk through fixed rate or hedged debt.

Given the above, the Group was able to cope with the current inflationary environment and higher government bond yields as a result of the post-Covid-19 global economic recovery combined with the effects of Russia’s war on Ukraine. In H1 2023, Præmia Healthcare maintained its position in the French healthcare property market while continuing its international expansion.

As of June 30, 2023, the Præmia Healthcare portfolio consisted of 160 facilities:

  • in France, 148 healthcare facilities, including 81 acute care facilities, 29 medium-term care facilities and 38 long-term care facilities;
  • in Portugal, a portfolio of four private hospitals;
  • in Spain, an eye clinic, a portfolio of five long-term care facilities and a medium-term care facility;
  • in Germany, a long-term care facility.

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