Praemia REIM brings together over 550 employees in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The company applies its values of conviction and commitment as well as its expertise on a European scale to design and manage real estate funds for its national and international clients, whether individuals or institutions.

As of December 31, 2023, Praemia REIM manages assets worth 38 billion euros. Its conviction allocation is as follows: 48% in healthcare/education real estate, 33% in offices, 8% in residential, 5% in retail, 5% in hotels, and 1% in logistics. Its pan-European platform manages 61 funds and serves over 96,000 investor clients, both individuals and institutions. Its real estate portfolio consists of over 1,600 buildings spread across the main asset categories and located in 10 European countries.

Key Figures: 

  • +38 billion € of assets under management
  • 61 investment funds
  • Assets located in 10 countries
  • 96000 investors
  • 550 employees
  • 55% Institutional Investors, 45% Retail Investors
  • 7 established offices in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Singapore and Luxembourg)
  • 63% of our AuM under funds classified art 8 or 9 SFDR

Investment principles & strategy

Praemia REIM is able to invest in every asset class.

Praemia REIM devises and implements investment strategies on behalf of its institutional and individual investor clients.

We make investments in every asset class for these clients:

In France:

  • Core/core+ office assets located at the heart of Greater Paris, ie, ‘head office buildings’ occupied by major corporate clients.

In the eurozone:

  • Healthcare/education establishments under long-term lease to pan- European operators
  • Residential assets located in major European cities where there is a rental housing shortage
  • High street shops in prime locations
  • Budget hotels backed by major operators.

Performance verification

The performance of some of our funds and assets is compiled, calculated and verified by MSCI.


Each of our entities has a designated compliance officer. All regulated issues are subject to compliance approval. The Data Protection Officer of Primonial REIM supervises and ensures all entities are compliant regarding the GDPR issues.

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