IPUT to plant over 40 hectares of native woodland in Cork to support achievement of net zero carbon

  • IPUT launches 2021 Responsibility Report detailing plans to decarbonise the built environment and achieve net zero carbon by 2030
  • IPUT’s net zero strategy is built around emissions reduction but investments in carbon offsets will support achievement of targets
  • IPUT is partnering with a local landowner in Co Cork to finance the planting and maintenance of the native woodland which will see 6,117 tons of CO2 sequestered over 40 years
  • The woodland will also contribute to the Irish Forestry Programme plan to increase Ireland’s forest cover area from its current level of 10.7% to 18% by 2046.

IPUT Real Estate, Ireland’s leading property company and the largest owner of offices and logistics assets in Dublin, launches its 2021 Responsibility report detailing its progress towards achieving net zero carbon by 2030. As part of its net zero target, IPUT intends to invest in offsetting projects which meet the definition of ‘additionality’ and will contribute towards achieving net zero. In its inaugural project, IPUT is financing the planting and maintenance of 40.64 hectares of woodland in Co. Cork that will sequester approximately 6,117 tons of CO2 over 40 years.

You can now read the full press release at the link below