People (12)

  • Aldo Mazzocco

    Aldo Mazzocco

    Chief Executive Officer & General Manager

  • Alberto Agazzi

    Alberto Agazzi

    Chief Executive Officer & General Manager Generali Real Estate SGR

    Alberto Agazzi is the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Generali Real Estate SGR S.p.A. He joined Generali Group in 2005; since then, he has covered important roles such as Head of Fund Management for Generali Immobiliare Italia SGR, Managing Director of Generali Real Estate Italy and Head of Global Fund Management for Generali Real Estate.

  • David Brogi

    David Brogi

    Head of Transactions

    David Brogi is the Head of Transactions at Generali Real Estate. He supports and coordinates transactions across all jurisdictions, providing full coverage of the main real estate markets together with the respective local transactions teams, ensuring scouting and execution of deals according to the Portfolio Strategy.

  • Roberto Marsella

    Roberto Marsella

    Head of Co-Investment & Special Projects (relationship management for direct co-investors in assets)

    With Generali since 2018, Roberto Marsella serves currently as the Head of Co-Investment & Special Projects (relationship management for direct co-investors in assets). In his current role, he is responsible for managing the relationships with key partners and co-investors.

  • Olivier Terrenoire

    Olivier Terrenoire

    Head of Asset Management, Property Management and Sustainable Investing

  • Benedetto Giustiniani

    Benedetto Giustiniani

    Head of Southern Europe

    Benedetto Giustiniani is the Head of Southern Europe Region since July 2018.

  • Sebastien Pezet

    Sebastien Pezet

    Head of Western Europe

    Sébastien Pezet is the Head of Western Europe Region, which comprises of France, UK and Benelux, since November 2017.

  • Ramon Spoladore

    Ramon Spoladore

    Head of Central Eastern Europe & Nordics

    Ramon Spoladore is the Head of Central Eastern Europe & Nordics Region and is in charge of the real estate activities of Generali Group across eight Central and Eastern European and four Nordic markets.

  • Nicholas Garattini

    Nicholas Garattini

    Head of Investor Relations & Business Development (relationship management for investors in funds)

    Nicholas Garattini heads the Business Development & Investor Relations department, overseeing the set up and implementation of new investment strategies and funds.

  • Paolo Micucci

    Paolo Micucci

    Head of Engineering & Product Management

    Paolo Micucci has been Generali Real Estate’s Head of Engineering & Project Management since February 2018. In his current role, he oversees delivering large CAPEX projects, implementing state-of-the-art standardized operating models for the planning and development of new projects, and promoting the Generali brand as a label of excellence for the delivery of high-quality real estate services across Europe.

  • Lukas Jeckel

    Lukas Jeckel

    Head of Central Northern Europe

    Lukas Jeckel is the Head of Central Northern Europe Region, comprising of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, since August 2019. In addition, he manages the operative real estate business as Head of Asset Management & Letting in the Region.