Ageing population: challenge for societies, opportunity for companies

The ageing of the population: under pressure More and more of us are getting older… A fact of life but the stark reality is that this long term demographic shift is inevitable and is already putting a great strain on our societies and economic models.

Indeed, while the world population will grow in the future decades, to probably reach 10 bn by 2050, the population aged above 60 years will grow faster and will double by 20401. The share of the overall population aged 60 and above will also rise from around 11% (0.7 bn) to circa 17% in 2040 (1.7 bn). The drivers behind this increase are well documented:

• Increased life expectancy (or “longevity”) – as more and more people live longer
• Lower birth rates – especially in European developed economies, below the replacement rate.

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