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Established in 1831, Generali Group is one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers. With over €670 bn in AUM and more than 1,500 specialists, asset management is mainly performed through Generali Investments’ platform, operating in more than 20 countries worldwide for distribution.

Generali Investments is an ecosystem of #12 asset management firms, delivering a portfolio of specialist capabilities.

Generali supports each firm to innovate and grow with full investment autonomy ensuring they’re set up to develop sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our solutions are greater than the sum of their parts. They’re built from a variety of specialist capabilities from across our portfolio, to help investors unlock opportunities, access distinctive strategies and experts’ insights with the aim to generate long-term performance. We do this thoughtfully; mindful of our impact on the world around us.

We gather the investment capabilities of the following asset management firms:

  • GENERALI ASSET MANAGEMENT integrates distribution coordination and fund management across diverse asset classes, including fixed income, thematic equity, multi-asset, and private assets. Specializing in Liability-Driven Investment (LDI) solutions, it leverages proprietary analysis tools and employs a robust multi-asset portfolio management approach for effective investment strategies.
  • GENERALI REAL ESTATE S.P.A. focuses on real estate investment and asset management.
  • INFRANITY, based in Paris, offers a range of innovative infrastructure investment solutions across a wide geographical, sectorial, and risk/ return spectrum, combined with strong ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) principles.
  • APERTURE INVESTORS LLC, based in New York and London, operates with an unconstrained investment approach and a unique fee model that aligns the company’s profitability with that of its clients.
  • LUMYNA Investments Limited, based in London, is the management company of one of the largest Alternative UCITS platform in Europe. Funds investment management is delegated to leading hedge fund managers.
  • SYCOMORE ASSET MANAGEMENT, based in Paris, is a pioneer in ESG investments and focuses on delivering sustainable performance investing in various asset classes by identifying companies’ long-term levers for value creation.
  • PLENISFER INVESTMENTS, based in Milan, focuses on total return and global multi asset solutions with a distinctive and innovative active approach.
  • CONNING, a leading investment management firm with a long history of serving the U.S. insurance industry. Conning has investment centers in Asia, Europe and North America.
  • OCTAGON, based in New York, is a below-investment grade corporate credit investment adviser focused on leveraged loan, high yield bond and structured credit investments.
  • GLOBAL EVOLUTION, based in Kolding (Denmark), is a dedicated emerging and frontier markets investment manager with an established track record and it has been integrating ESG into the investment process for many years.
  • PEARLMARK, based in Chicago, focuses on value-add real estate strategies across the US, providing investors the opportunity to invest through both equity and debt structures.

Leveraging our investment companies’ experience and expertise, we work with our investors to analyse their needs and objectives, adapting to and tackling new challenges as they arise, identifying and selecting new solutions together. 

Source: Generali Investments Holding S.p.A., data as at end of Q4 2023, gross of double counting. Generali Investments is part of the Generali Group, which was established in 1831 in Trieste as Assicurazioni Austro-Italiche. Generali Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Generali Real Estate S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Infranity SAS, Sosteneo S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Sycomore Asset Management, Aperture Investors LLC (including Aperture Investors UK Ltd), Lumyna Investments Limited, Plenisfer Investments S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Conning Holdings Limited and among its subsidiaries (Global Evolution Fondsmæglerselskab A/S - including Global Evolution USA, LLC and Global Evolution Fund Management Singapore Pte. Ltd - Octagon Credit Investors, LLC, Pearlmark Real Estate, LLC). are part of Generali Investments, as well as Generali Investments CEE. Kindly note Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A. is the Management Company of the majority of the funds whose AUM is represented on the slide. Please note that the countries refers to the countries where the different funds of the asset management companies part of Generali Investments are registered for distribution. Please note that not all funds are registered in all the countries and not all the asset management companies are licensed to operate in such countries.

The information contained in this document provides general guidance on the products and services offered by the asset management companies belonging to the ecosystem of Generali Investments Holding S.p.A. whose marketing and promotion activity is coordinated by Generali Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio. Under no circumstances does it constitute an offer, recommendation or solicitation to (i) invest in shares and units of Undertakings for Collective Investments or (ii) request an offer for investment services. This document is not related to, or is the basis of, a contract or commitment. This document may not be considered as an explicit or implicit recommendation for an investment strategy or investment advice. Before entering into an investment service agreement, each potential customer will receive the documents as laid down by law from time to time, with the customer being required to read such documents carefully before making any investment decision. No part of this document may be (i) copied, photocopied or duplicated in any way or (ii) re-distributed without the prior consent of Generali Investments Holding S.p.A. and Generali Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio. This presentation is produced by Generali Investments Holding S.p.A. and Generali Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio. Generali Investments Holding S.p.A. is the holding company of the main asset management companies of the Generali Group, which holds at least a direct or indirect majority shareholding in the asset management companies mentioned in this presentation. Generali Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio is authorised as Italian asset management company, regulated by Bank of Italy and appointed to act as marketing promoter of the Fund in the EU/EEA countries where the Fund is registered for distribution (Via Niccolò Machiavelli 4, Trieste, 34132, Italia - C.M. n. 15376 - LEI: 549300DDG9IDTO0X8E20). Generali Investments Holding S.p.A. and Generali Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio will, from time to time, amend this document and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions, nor shall be held responsible for any damages or losses related to the inappropriate use of the information contained herein. Certain information in this publication has been obtained from sources outside of Generali Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio. While such information is believed to be reliable for the purposes used herein, no representations are made as to the accuracy or completeness thereof.