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  • Meet Sosteneo


    Meet Sosteneo


    Introducing Sosteneo Infrastructure Partners: A new affiliate within Generali Investments focused on clean energy infrastructure equity investing

  • Generali - IPE Real Assets SeptOct 2023 0.4

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    Lights, battery storage, action: Investing in the greenfield energy infrastructure needed for a net zero world


    The energy transition requires both smarter production of clean energy as well as new, practical infrastructure to enable its use, explains Umberto Tamburrino, CEO of Sosteneo Infrastructure Partners, a company within the Generali Investments ecosystem of asset management firms, which specialises in greenfield investing.

  • Investment View- No Pain, No Gain

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    Investment View: No Pain, No Gain


    ‘Investment View’ provides our quarterly macro & market outlook and investment recommendations

  • Biodiversity- Understanding a Key New Global Investment Trend

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    Biodiversity: Understanding a key new global investment trend


    Tackling biodiversity loss in our natural world is a major challenge and urgent new focus for governments, businesses and society. The Investment, Market and Macro Research, and ESG Integration & Solutions teams at Generali Insurance Asset Management dive into what investors need to know about this increasingly important investment driver and how to distinguish biodiversity-related risks and opportunities.

  • Infrastructure debt’s defence against volatility

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    Debt’s defence against volatility


    The appetite for infrastructure debt continues to grow, with a well-developed pipeline of investments, says Infranity’s CEO Philippe Benaroya

  • A paradigm shift for European debt

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    A paradigm shift for European debt


    Private debt funds are filling the gap left by bank retrenchment, says Sandrine Richard, Head of private debt at Generali Investments Partners

  • Fixed Income- the road ahead

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    Fixed Income: the road ahead


    Recent crises within US regional banks and the more idiosyn- cratic case of Credit Suisse have various underlying causes. However, the overall context of these issues is undoubtedly the sudden and significant tightening of financial conditions in the past year.

  • Where next for inflation?

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    Where next for inflation?


    Inflation is by far the most crucial investment consideration today, yet it’s not all bad news for long-term investors. In this paper, our Research, ESG and Investment teams explain the factors shaping their inflation outlook, the dynamics behind resilient equity markets, why ESG and sustainable development is here to stay despite short- term price pressures, and where to find investment opportunities in today’s uncertain environment.

  • Market Perspectives- Divergent perspectives February 2023

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    Market Perspectives: Divergent perspectives February 2023


    ‘Market Perspectives’ provide our monthly macro & market outlook and investment recommendations

  • Blowing hot and cold


    5 Themes for 2023: Blowing hot and cold


    After a depressing 2022, markets have got off to a flying start. Should investors ride the wave? Have long-term yields peaked? Is the recession risk fairly priced in equities and High Yield credit? Can we still count on the Fed put? Will portfolio diversification start working again?

  • OUTLOOK 2023 Blowing hot and cold

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    Outlook 2023: Blowing hot and cold


    Our Annual Outlook provides our key views and investment implications for the coming year

  • Key Investment Themes for 2023

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    Key Investment Themes for 2023


    2022 saw geopolitics dominate attention, with events in Ukraine unsettling and resetting markets and the global economy. Meanwhile, investors also contended with eye-watering inflation, steep rate hikes and higher volatility across the board.