Climate Change, hot topic in Euro Credit

CPR AM expands its range of climate solutions with a credit fund aligned with the Paris agreements. Julien Daire, head of fixed income, and Noémie Hadjadj-Gomes, head of research at CPR Asset Management, explain the main features of this new strategy.

First, to set the scene, it is clear that large asset owners want to invest in strategies that are Climate-aware and they are asking managers for solutions that are more engaged. But pension funds and insurers do not simply want to mitigate Climate Change. They are responding to evolving regulation and the challenges it brings. Investors today have a clear role to play as financiers of corporations to limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a more responsible way. Our clients do not, however, want to sacrifice returns. And so, they are looking for strategies that try to be carbon-neutral while at the same time offering attractive perfor- mance, which is key in a very low return environment.

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