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  • Impact investing - Choice precedes fate

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    Impact investing: Choice precedes fate


    The temporary lockdown of half of the world’s population has yielded some remarkable imagery. You may have seen satellite pictures showing a significant reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Natural environments appear to be enjoying some respite.

  • ESG and climate - When credit becomes sustainable

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    ESG and climate: When credit becomes sustainable


    The worsening health crisis currently spreading around the world has shown us just how extremely vulnerable our biological, environmental and social conditions are. Considerable efforts are being made to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spread- ing, but it is undoubtedly too soon to say how the epidemic will influence international opinions on global issues such as climate risk, personal protection and good governance.

  • cpr an alternative to traditional euro credit management

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    An alternative to traditional euro credit management: a smart beta credit approach incorporating ESG criteria


    How should we approach bond management as the end of a bull market cycle un- precedented in terms of its size and duration begins? Over the past two decades, bond portfolios have been boosted by the steady fall in interest rates. This has reduced the importance of bond selection – all investors have needed to do to prosper has been to increase their portfolio’s duration and its exposure to credit risk and less liquid assets.

  • financial materiality, a pragmatic approach to esg

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    Financial materiality, a pragmatic approach to ESG


    Many ESG approaches have a priori limits which hinder the allocation of capital most efficiently. CPR Asset Management has instead developed for pension fund clients a pragmatic methodology that reflects which ESG criteria work best in different regions of the world.