How the Pandemic Changes Real Estate

The global pandemic is changing the way we live, work and play. Such behavioral changes have been felt acutely across commercial real estate markets, and the impact may only accelerate from here. But which changes are short term and which are here to stay?

In this article, we discuss the results from an internal survey of Barings professionals from around the globe and highlight key conclusions, including:

  • How work-from-home (WFH) trends may equate to similar office footprints, but with lower costs, as well as larger living spaces
  • Why lower density, lower cost U.S. cities and suburbs will likely be winners from the increased focus on health and hygiene
  • Why e-commerce gains may stick, and the related impacts on the logistics and retail
  • How warehouse demand could be boosted by occupiers’ embrace of resilience
  • How investors should consider all of these trends from a portfolio allocation standpoint



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