Outerblue Talks Research – Parallels with the 70s. The long and winding road continues

Whilst fashion trends regularly make come-backs, revivals in economic trends are a lot less frequent. The double-digit inflation rates seen over the past two years have left many wondering whether other hallmarks of the 1970s are also due for a return and what can be learnt from previous missteps as we transition to a new economic model. 

Swaha Pattanaik speaks to Tristan Perrier, Macroeconomist & Investment Insights Specialist with the Amundi Institute, as he reflects on some of the similarities and the differences between the two periods and examines some of the risks faced as policymakers try to bring inflation back to target. They also discuss how the current period of high inflation could pave the way for a transition in a new direction and look forward to what a structurally higher level of inflation could mean for monetary and fiscal policy. Finally, they review the potential long and short term investment implications of these different economic scenarios.  

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