Outerblue Convictions – Global Investment Views: The late-cycle environment continues to play out

Recent weeks have seen gains in the Magnificent Seven with rallies spreading across other sectors and US and European equities setting record highs. But how much longer can the equity markets keep rising and what has been driving this climb? Giulio Lombardo and Monica Defend, Head of Amundi Investment Institute, take a closer look at the reasons behind this upsurge and whether we should expect a reversal soon. Also on an upward trajectory this month was gold. They discuss what’s been going on.

This edition also returns to the big question for markets, interest rate cuts, and whether a summer rate cut is still on the cards for the Fed. Will other central banks follow the Fed’s lead or are they plotting their own course? This month’s edition concludes with an update on fixed income and emerging markets, what recent moves have meant for these asset classes and where investors should be looking for opportunities.

You can now listen to the full podcast at the link below