Italy swimming in uncertain waters as PM Draghi resigns

Given the resignation of Prime Minister (PM) Draghi, what scenarios does Italy face?

After a series of events that started on 14 July, when the Five-Star Movement (5SM) abstained from a Parliamentary vote on a number of economic measures, Draghi’s time as Italian PM comes to an end. On 21 July, any remaining uncertainty disappeared. PM Draghi resigned following a clash and tight confidence vote during the Senate session the day before, wherein the centre-right parties abstained from voting.

While the President of the Republic may still run consultations to evaluate the possibility of a majority (at the time of writing, Draghi’s resignations have just been presented and President Mattarella has summoned the House and Senate speakers this afternoon), we think that Italy is headed for snap elections as early as 25 September, according to constitutional procedures.

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