Geopolitics in an election-heavy year

“We are witnessing a global realignment towards a multi-polar world, and geopolitics will be a crucial factor to watch for investors in 2024.”

  • A large section of the world (around 42% of global GDP) will elect its political leaders this year, with the US in focus.
  • Increasingly, internal politics in emerging powers such as China, India, and Latin America will shape global geopolitics.
  • This realignment presents opportunities arising out domestic consumption, supply chain reallocation, near shoring etc.

2024 will see 40 countries going into national elections, representing over 40% of the global population (around half of the world if we also consider European parliament elections). People in the Americas (US, Mexico), Russia, and in Asia (India, Indonesia) will choose their leaders, and, as Donald Trump’s recent victory in the Iowa caucuses has shown, this will definitely not be a quiet year.

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