Geopolitical risk will grow: here is how we track it

In order to better understand geopolitical trends, Amundi has developed the Geopolitical Sentiment Tracker (GST). The tool aims to inform the investment process: it includes a variety of datapoints allowing investors and researchers to better understand and be alerted to rising risks. It also allows our teams to identify opportunities.

Geopolitical risk will grow- here is how we track it

This paper focuses on the GST’s first capability: risk identification. To showcase what it can do, we outline the current geopolitical context, and how the tracker informs our analysis.

We expect geopolitical risk will remain elevated for the next several years as a result of the growing number of actors involved, the tectonic geopolitical and technological shifts underway, and deteriorating bilateral relations.

To get a better assessment of where the risk is emanating from, the Geopolitical Sentiment Tracker provides insights into these risks and alerts us to changes.

You can now read the full whitepaper at the link below