From Risk to Opportunity: Amundi is Leading a Sea-Change in Asset Management

Amundi is establishing industry-leading best practices to meet the needs of its clients with a finance for today, and tomorrow.

Deep roots in forward thinking
On the 8th of October 2018, shortly before current debates reached their fever pitch, Europe’s largest asset manager announced an ambitious three-year action plan to extend its responsible investment approach both in terms of breadth and depth. While one might be forgiven for thinking it a response to current events, the action plan is actually a carefully thought-out expression of the company’s DNA that has been thoroughly prepared—indeed, one of Amundi’s foundational pillars is responsible investment.

Now, Amundi is making a bid to bring responsible investing to a whole new level on a completely new scale, applying rigour and transparency to three main areas: mainstreaming ESG investing, fostering innovation and accompanying and advising investors.

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