Biodiversity : It’s Time to Protect Our Only Home - N°1 It is time to sound the alarm on biodiversity

”How come the most intellectual creature to ever walk earth is destroying its only home?”

Biodiversity is a term used to describe all life on earth. It is all around us. It underpins not only our economy but also our very existence and yet society is only in the early stages of understanding how essential a healthy and biodiverse environment is to a stable and wellfunctioning society and economy. Humans, like any living creature, depend on biodiversity in three specific ways.

  • Provisioning services: Such as food, energy, and medicines. For example, over 2 billion people rely on wood fuel to meet their primary energy needs. In addition, 70% of drugs used for cancer are natural or synthetic products inspired by nature.
  • Cultural services: Nature is often tied to one’s cultural identity and plays a key role in a person’s physical and psychological wellbeing.
  • Regulating services: Such as pollination, climate regulation, carbon sequestration, flood & erosion prevention, water purification, and habitat provision.

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