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  • South Africa Inflation
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    South Africa Inflation

    2020-02-24T10:35:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    South African inflation came out higher in January: 4.5% yoy compared to 4% in December but is in the middle of the inflation target (3-6%) of the South African Central Bank (SARB). This acceleration in inflation is mainly explained by a sharp rise in transport prices linked to base effects of fuel prices (+ 13.7% in January against 2.4% the previous month).

  • Accessing South Africa's Emerging ESG Landscape
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    Accessing South Africa’s Emerging ESG Landscape

    2020-01-20T11:07:00Z By S&P Dow Jones Indices

    How is index innovation improving access to ESG in South Africa?

  • Centropolis Towers - Responsible Property Investment in Action
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    Centropolis Towers - Responsible Property Investment in Action

    2019-07-24T16:06:00Z By M&G Investments [Real Estate - Asia]

    The newly built Centropolis Towers represents a landmark property in the heart of Seoul’s Central Business District, Jongno. Completed in 2018, our 134,399 sq m mixed-use development maximises available space, whilst providing occupiers comfort and convenience through the provision of on-site amenities that enhance health, wellbeing and experience.

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    South African reforms pale against remaining challenges

    2019-02-26T13:35:00Z By Eaton Vance

    The newly released South African budget contains some hopeful promises of reforms, but does little to instill confidence that they will be implemented. The country is struggling with declining revenues, rising expenditures, higher debt and failing state-owned enterprises (SOEs) - most notably the electric power utility Eskom, which is being bailed out by the government. 

  • an update on our local market resilience scores
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    An Update on our Local Market Resilience Scores

    2018-05-10T11:00:00Z By Franklin Templeton Investments

    In June 2016, we released Global Macro Shifts1 (issue 5) – Emerging Markets: Mapping the Opportunities [GMS-5]. This paper discussed many of the risks and opportunities across emerging markets while highlighting the importance of assessing economic resiliencies in individual countries. Since then we have seen notable rallies in emerging economies as capital has returned to a number of undervalued markets, particularly during 2017.

  • learning to live with south africas political strife
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    Learning to live with South Africa’s political strife

    2017-01-25T18:13:00Z By Aviva Investors

    South Africa’s political turbulence will continue in 2017, with crucial economic reforms likely to remain on the backburner. Despite its obvious challenges, the country will remain on investors’ radar.

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    The new Fragile Five

    2015-12-15T14:43:00Z By Aviva Investors

    Trying to attach a label to a vast and varied asset class like emerging market bonds is a precarious business. No one size fits all. Just as the once ubiquitous BRICS label is well past its sell by date, current attempts to categorise a “Fragile Five” must also be viewed with scepticism.