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  • The case for resilient high yield private credit
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    The case for resilient high yield private credit

    2024-05-20T10:19:00Z By Generali Investments

    With inflation lingering and rates moving at a much slower pace than expected, infrastructure debt, particularly in the higher-quality sub-investment grade space, offers attractive returns and resilience for investors seeking a safe haven in a changeable market, explain Infranity experts.

  • Fixed Income – A new era for bonds
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    Fixed Income – A new era for bonds

    2024-05-09T11:58:00Z By BNP Paribas Asset Management

    Surging inflation brought an end to the decade-long era of low bond yields. In the decade ahead, we believe bond yields will not return to the near-zero levels of the recent past or see the steady capital appreciation which marked the prior 30 years. Instead, our view is that inflation and real yields are more likely to remain closer to their long-term averages, supported by central bank policy, changing supply/demand dynamics, and the risk that inflation could spike again. 

  • HY_Differentiation returns hero image
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    High yield: differentiation returns to drive the next leg of performance

    2024-05-07T15:49:00Z By Mirabaud Asset Management

    European high yield has outperformed the US this year, which in itself is a pretty rare occurrence. But things get even more interesting when you look at what’s driving those returns.

  • Higher Yields Burnish IG Credit’s Luster
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    Higher Yields Burnish IG Credit’s Luster

    2024-05-02T10:31:00Z By Barings

    Spreads continue to grind tighter—but current elevated yields, combined with the potential for attractive total returns, continue to draw investors into IG credit.

  • High Yield- What the Market May Be Missing
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    High Yield: What the Market May Be Missing

    2024-05-02T10:04:00Z By Barings

    A closer look at the dynamics shaping today’s high yield bond and loan markets reveals the potential for continued strong performance ahead.

  • Fixed Income Outlook – Corporate bonds still a bright spot
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    Fixed Income Outlook – Corporate bonds still a bright spot

    2024-04-24T14:19:00Z By BNP Paribas Asset Management

    We expect corporate bonds to deliver positive returns in the coming quarters, primarily due to the attractive yields. With money market rates becoming less attractive as interest rate cuts loom, further supporting inflows into corporate bonds look likely.  

  • Fixed income- our medium-term playbook
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    Fixed income: our medium-term playbook

    2024-04-23T16:26:00Z By Lombard Odier Investment Managers

    Macro conditions, fundamentals and sentiment are positive but investors would be wrong to count on a goldilocks scenario. In the Q2 issue of Alphorum, we focus on navigating sovereign and credit markets ahead of an easing cycle and looming maturity wall, paying special attention to capitalising on volatility to lock-in attractive duration and idiosyncratic situations to capture spreads.

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    Fixed Income Perspectives Q2 2024

    2024-04-15T09:52:00Z By Capital Group

    Quarterly macro and market insights from Capital Group’s fixed income team

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    Emerging Market Debt Outlook: Opportunities Amid Uncertainty

    2024-04-12T16:00:00Z By State Street Global Advisors

    2024 is already shaping up to be a year of considerable uncertainty. The first quarter has given us a taste of that with a sharp reversal of expectations for the US economy and the monetary policy plan of the Federal Reserve. 

  • SDG Engagement High Yield Credit- 2023 Annual Report
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    SDG Engagement High Yield Credit: 2023 Annual Report

    2024-04-12T10:33:00Z By Federated Hermes

    In the four years since the launch of the SDG Engagement High Yield Credit strategy, the investment and engagement team has built strong relationships with companies all around the world, in sectors that are key to achieving the SDGs.

  • 2024 2Q outlook- Adapting to high tide
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    2024 2Q outlook: Adapting to high tide

    2024-04-04T10:44:00Z By Nuveen

    Originally written and recorded by a Jamaican trio in 1967, “The Tide Is High” made its biggest splash with the now-classic 1980 cover version that topped the charts around the world. Thematically simple, the song’s familiar chorus acknowledges challenging circumstances while expressing the narrator’s resilience (“I’m holding on”). It’s an apt soundtrack for today’s investors as they acclimate to a high-tide environment of their own.

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    Private Credit Allocations vs Leveraged Loans and High Yield

    2024-03-27T16:03:00Z By State Street Global Advisors

    The growth of private credit assets under management in recent years has drawn increasing interest and scrutiny from investors. The scale of the expansion suggests a strong appetite among investors, but the lower liquidity and naturally opaque nature of private credit can make comparisons with public credit alternatives such as leveraged loans and high yield bonds difficult.

  • The disintermediation of lending
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    The disintermediation of lending: Private debt shines bright

    2024-03-22T14:47:00Z By UBS Asset Management

    In the realm of alternative assets, private debt has emerged as shining star, experiencing a rapid evolution and now basking in what many are calling a golden moment. Amid rising interest rates, private debt has remained remarkably resilient, delivering robust returns, and attracting fervent investor interest. However, some questions are emerging about how resilient private debt will be in future as well as where the best opportunities now lie, particularly as syndicated loan and high-yield bond markets rally.

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    High yield floating rate notes: Prospects in the next stage of the cycle

    2024-03-19T12:06:00Z By M&G Investments

    Global high yield floating rate notes delivered strong returns in 2023 during a period of heightened macroeconomic uncertainty that included double digit inflation and interest rate hikes. With 2024 well underway, inflation is returning to target levels and the prospect of slower, yet positive, economic growth has encouraged a cautious sense of optimism that a soft landing may be achieved. Here, we explore the potential prospects for this growing subset of the high yield fixed income universe as we approach the next phase of the interest rate cycle.

  • Ready for a deluge of new high-yield issuance?
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    Ready for a deluge of new high-yield issuance?

    2024-03-14T15:18:00Z By Franklin Templeton

    US high-yield issuers are likely to refinance their pandemic-era debt and potentially benefit from lower interest rates in the next two years. The US Federal Reserve’s pause in rate hikes, the market’s expectations of rate cuts and the increase in mergers and acquisitions may incentivize high-yield issuers to come to market sooner rather than later, according to Glenn Voyles.

  • BDCs- The Cyclical & Structural Outlook

    Is it Time for Fixed Income?

    2024-03-12T17:12:00Z By Barings

    Global Head of Public Assets, Martin Horne, discusses the factors shaping the outlook for fixed income markets in 2024 including interest rates, corporate fundamentals and valuations.

  • Thumbnail_1166601 M&GINV Image request A Favourable Starting Point for Emerging Market Debt 02-24 1208x604
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    A favourable starting point for Emerging Market debt?

    2024-02-28T15:42:00Z By M&G Investments

    A favourable global growth picture and potential interest rate cuts could be advantageous for emerging market bonds in 2024. However, given significant uncertainty and the potential for election-related volatility, we believe a selective approach is crucial in identifying attractive opportunities.

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    Fixed Income Roadmap 2024

    2024-02-28T10:00:00Z By State Street Global Advisors

    Given current yield levels, slowing growth, and continued disinflation, fixed income moves into the limelight, offering attractive prospects for investors. Our fixed income game plan visualises just where investors should be looking now.

  • Climate Change High Yield Credit, Annual Report 2023
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    Climate Change High Yield Credit, Annual Report 2023

    2024-02-19T12:33:00Z By Federated Hermes

    This year’s annual report offers a deep dive into a newly augmented data tool that quantifies the progress companies have made towards decarbonisation.

  • Fallen angels radar- positive 2024 supply dynamics
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    Fallen angels radar: positive 2024 supply dynamics

    2024-02-16T16:17:00Z By Lombard Odier Investment Managers

    In this new quarterly publication, we monitor developments in the fallen-angels universe to find investment opportunities. Which corporate bond issues have lost their investment-grade (IG) rating to join the segment? How are corporate credit ratings progressing? What trends do we see emerging in credit quality?