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  • Franklin Templeton - Brazil
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    Brazil: Worth a Closer Look

    2022-03-07T16:55:00Z By Franklin Templeton

    Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity team weighs in on why Brazilian equities have managed to weather recent geopolitical storms.

  • Amundi - Investment talks
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    Russia-Ukraine: an uncertain outcome calls for higher focus on liquidity

    2022-03-07T16:25:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    At the core of the crisis, Russian assets have become almost un-investible, with dramatic price action as the market attempts to grapple with uncertainty. European equities have suffered, anticipating the negative consequences of the war on corporate earnings, while also commodities trended higher with double digit rise across many commodities. A flight to safety move has benefited government bonds, with the US treasury yield and the Bund yield trending lower.

  • Unigestion-Higher energy prices
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    Are Higher Energy Prices A Game Changer For Growth?

    2022-03-07T15:41:00Z By Unigestion

    Oil is once again in the spotlight, reaching levels not seen since 2014. After having witnessed the seemingly impossible event of negative prices when the pandemic took the world by surprise in 2020, we are now facing a 50% increase in Brent and WTI crude oil since January. This upside trend, which has extended to most of the commodities markets, places the Fed and the major central banks between a rock and a hard place: whereas the inflation shock intensifies in the short-term, the risk of recession is growing in the medium-term.

  • Amundi-Special Ukraine
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    Special Ukraine

    2022-03-02T09:54:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    The invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops has caught Europe off guard, reminding it of the darkest hours before the Second World War. NATO countries and European leaders have so far ruled out direct military confrontation because of the risk of escalation between nuclear powers.

  • AB_EquityOutlook-1600x760.w
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    An Equity Outlook: Are Stocks the Biggest Real Asset Out There?

    2022-03-01T17:00:00Z By AllianceBernstein

    It may be easy to take a bearish stance on equities today, but there’s a case for stocks to generate positive real returns on a strategic basis going forward. High household equity allocations may actually be warranted, elevated valuations don’t necessarily spell doom, populist pressures on earnings growth are surmountable and falling correlations within the equity market create more “potential energy” for active management to add alpha.

  • Amundi-Global-Investment-Views
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    Global Investment Views - March 2022

    2022-03-01T09:00:00Z By Amundi Asset Management

    The geopolitical escalation at month’s end marks a further rise in volatility. Credit spreads (IG, HY and Euro peripherals) continued to widen while equity markets corrected further. The rotation towards value continued, but with a pause from the most cyclical segments, amid increasing economic growth risks from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

  • FranklinTempletonInsights-Ukraine
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    Asset Class Implications of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

    2022-02-28T10:43:00Z By Franklin Templeton

    Russia has invaded Ukraine. Our Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions team reflects on the human tragedy that is occurring as they also parse the data to understand the resulting economic and market implications. If the conflict remains protracted, it may produce a “low growth, high inflation” environment, in which case nimble management and keen attention to policy responses will be required.

  • Adjusting to the New Paradigm
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    Adjusting to the New Paradigm

    2022-02-25T12:14:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    Many investors could be lacking sufficient inflation exposure after experiencing such a long period of stable prices. Moreover, such a major economic inflection, combined with such fragile markets, is likely to be characterized by the kind of heightened market volatility we have already seen this year.

  • Franklin Templeton - Japan
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    Japan: Land of Rising Equity Opportunities

    2022-02-25T10:41:00Z By Franklin Templeton

    Despite an extended deflationary period and several catastrophic natural disasters, Japan’s gross domestic product (GDP) has consistently ranked among the world’s top three largest economies over the last three decades. While this resiliency is commendable, unfortunately, global benchmark allocations to Japanese equities have not fared as well.

  • NB-The inflation inflection
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    The Inflation Inflection

    2022-02-25T10:31:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    The COVID-19 pandemic, and the range of policies aimed at mitigating its impact, has triggered a return to levels of inflation unseen for 40 years. While inflation is likely to moderate from these very high levels during 2022, we believe it will settle and persist at a rate higher than we have become used to over recent cycles. 

  • Franklin Templeton - Thoughts on Russia Ukraine
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    Thoughts on Russia-Ukraine

    2022-02-25T10:25:00Z By Franklin Templeton

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has unleashed a multi-front invasion of Ukraine, removing the possibility of a small-scale operation limited to just the eastern regions that were officially recognized by Moscow last week.

  • Federated hermes - Ukraine invasions market reaction
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    Ukraine invasion: market reaction

    2022-02-24T15:33:00Z By Federated Hermes

    The crisis will create short-term uncertainty and add to inflationary pressures, say fund managers from the international business of Federated Hermes.

  • Franklin Templeton - Russia Investment implications
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    Russia: Investment Implications of Ukrainian Invasion

    2022-02-24T15:19:00Z By Franklin Templeton

    Investors’ worst fears about Russia’s intentions toward Ukraine have materialized following Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s announcement that he is sending troops into the country to “demilitarize” the nation.

  • Principal Origin - Updated on Russia and Ukraine
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    Origin Asset Management: Updated on Russia and Ukraine

    2022-02-24T09:54:00Z By Principal Asset Management

    Ex-Russia, Emerging Markets (EM) equities are holding their own versus the rest of the world, having markedly outperformed since late 2021.

  • Principal - Russia-Ukraine Conflict
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    Russia/Ukraine conflict: A sustained market impact?

    2022-02-24T09:41:00Z By Principal Asset Management

    After weeks of build-up and intelligence warnings, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, unleashing what may end up being the largest European conflict since World War II. The United States, Europe and NATO allies have condemned the move and responded with economic sanctions.

  • Unigestion - Finding the leaders
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    Finding the leaders on the path to a low carbon future

    2022-02-24T09:24:00Z By Unigestion

    While the effects of global warming may still be a topic of debate in certain circles, its impact on finance is undisputable. Recent global regulatory measures in response to the climate urgency has placed sustainability at the top of investors’ agendas, generating a sea change in the direction that money will flow for generations to come.

  • Federated Hermes - EOS 2021 annual review
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    EOS 2021 Annual Review

    2022-02-21T14:48:00Z By Federated Hermes

    Although the Covid-19 pandemic continued to exact a heavy toll in 2021, the climate crisis returned to the fore with extreme weather events around the globe, and the starkest warning yet from scientists in the run up to the UN’s COP26 climate summit.

  • Neuberger Berman - Weekly perspectives
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    The Supply-Led Inflation Challenge

    2022-02-20T12:34:00Z By Neuberger Berman

    The Fed could end up playing checkers while the economy is playing chess—with potentially worldwide consequences.

  • Barings - COVID
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    As COVID Cases Fade, Services Ready for Upgrade

    2022-02-17T09:25:00Z By Barings

    January U.S. retail sales surprised to the upside, rising 3.8% M/M. The Omicron wave temporarily halted the shift in consumer spending from goods to services, as at-home sectors gained. Meanwhile, restaurant sales fell for a second-consecutive month.

  • Franklin Templeton - Emerging Markets Equity
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    Middle East North Africa Insight

    2022-02-14T10:57:00Z By Franklin Templeton

    After experiencing yet another year of stellar returns from global equities in 2021, investors face a good deal of uncertainty heading into 2022. Economic growth is slowing and inflation is higher than it’s been in decades, and the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is tapering its asset purchase programme and plans to raise interest rates.