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  • Currency - The Unsung Hero


    Currency: The Unsung Hero


    It is commonly said that currencies can’t be managed based on fundamentals, but there is little uncertainty associated with currency value. It is fundamentally driven and is less affected than asset prices by the type of policy actions that are occurring today. 

  • Asia Game Theater Update - Long Chinese Equities

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    Asia Game Theater Update: Long Chinese Equities


    We’ve recently updated our Asia game theater, and although these changes partly reflect the recent regulatory crackdown in China, our update was independent of recent Chinese equity market volatility. 

  • Rubles, Reals, and Institutional Quality

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    Rubles, Reals, and Institutional Quality


    We believe an increased long exposure to the Brazilian real and Russian ruble is justified by the “where” and “why” stages of our investment process, specifically relating to ESG influences (in this case, primarily social and governance factors). 

  • Navigating Seismic Market Shifts

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    Navigating Seismic Market Shifts


    Seismic shifts in the marketplace have pushed the prices of some assets to levels of fundamental attractiveness; other asset prices are the most unattractive we have ever seen. And investors could benefit from the gravitation of prices back to fundamental value.

  • 5 Growth Themes Shaping the Future

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    5 Growth Themes Shaping the Future


    New technologies can unleash a cascade of growth across multiple industries, and we expect a number of growth themes to gain the attention of investors in the decade to come. Here are five of them.

  • The Mother of All Recoveries

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    The Mother of All Recoveries


    We’ve been referring to the post-pandemic economy as the “Mother of All Recoveries,” with yearly growth at a level not seen in decades. And we expect this recovery/expansion cycle to ultimately be measured in years, not months or quarters.

  • India in 2020 - Active Perspectives on India’s Evolution

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    India in 2020: Active Perspectives on India’s Evolution


    In India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Y.S. Rajan detailed how India could become a developed country and one of the world’s four largest economies by 2020. Here, our team shares their thoughts about India’s potential.

  • COVID-19 Science and Economics

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    COVID-19 Science and Economics


    In the second installment of our COVID-19 series, we discusses the scientific and economic implications of the path to recovery with research analyst Camilla Oxhamre Cruse, who has a Ph.D. in medicine and M.Sc. in biochemistry, and global strategist Olga Bitel.

  • Adventures on the Planet of the Apes - Navigating the Low-Rate Environment

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    Adventures on the Planet of the Apes: Navigating the Low-Rate Environment


    Artificially low rates are causing multiple distortions and pockets of heightened risks—and while the current environment may be unprecedented, it need not be incomprehensible. Investors who understand the dynamics driving low rates may be positioned to take advantage of promising opportunities.

  • Our Analysts Talk Quality 1

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    Our Analysts Talk Quality


    Focusing on both offensive and defensive quality helps our analysts identify durable businesses in the pursuit of better portfolio outcomes.

  • Trending: Slowbalization, Big Tech, Political Pendulums

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    Trending: Slowbalization, Big Tech, Political Pendulums


    Patrick Foulis, business affairs editor for The Economist, discusses the top global economic trends to watch and gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of the 176-year-old publication. See how the sausage gets made, including the importance of hiring intellectual rebels and writing good puns. 

  • Assessing Markets Where We Can Go On Offense

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    Assessing Markets Where We Can Go On Offense


    Global equities and bond yields are trending lower, and we maintain a relatively low-risk profile. But we’re always assessing where we can go on the offensive, and in this post we walk through our thinking on some of these opportunities.