Union Investment Real Estate's Strategies

We take a forward-looking approach to investment

Union Investment stands for forward-looking real estate investment worldwide. Our business model is based on the strong foundation of over 50 years of real estate expertise. As an equity-rich investor with expert knowledge of real estate asset management, we offer our customers and business partners outstanding reliability – and the prospect of shared growth.

Active opportunity and risk management

We provide our investors with a stable and effective platform that combines strong property acquisition performance with a value-oriented asset management Approach.

Operating in a highly competitive environment, Union Investment’s transaction expertise allows it to secure properties that offer steady, sustainable income. Whether acquiring development projects, negotiating high-value transactions or entering into complex international joint venture deals, all our investments are safeguarded by active risk management. An increased international focus creates an additional basis for high fund returns.

Union Investment’s comprehensive opportunity and risk management also provides institutional investors with effective support around investment decisions, portfolio management and regulatory matters.

union investment real estates strategies