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    Is 2023 the year for renewables?


    2022 was marked by several major events that will influence the energy and renewables industry in 2023 and potentially beyond. The most crucial one was obviously Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which led to elevated commodity prices around the world.

  • Risks and rewards for renewable energy investors in 2023

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    Risks and rewards for renewable energy investors in 2023


    How does 2023 look for the renewables industry compared to 2022?

  • 2023 Infrastructure Outlook

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    2023 Infrastructure Outlook


    The infrastructure sector remains resilient despite the market turmoil in 2022. Secular trends such as digitalization and decarbonization will continue to drive the need for new investments.

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    Is the time ripe? Contributing to carbon reduction with energy storage


    Many factors have contributed to making entering this sector particularly interesting. The increased growth of the electric vehicle sector led to a broader global manufacturing capacity, which resulted in decreasing batteries costs. This has made the use of energy storage cost-competitive for the first time.

  • Top 5 takeaways for infrastructure

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    Top 5 takeaways for infrastructure


    The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is the most important US clean energy legislation in recent history. The bill gives investors unprecedented policy visibility that was previously lacking. Energy tax credits have been expanded to investments such as standalone energy storage, clean transportation, hydrogen etc., opening up new investment opportunities.

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    Why energy storage is the focus for the next decade


    Climate technology innovation panel, UBS APAC Sustainable Finance Conference 2022

  • Time to scale up


    Time to scale up?


    Institutional Investor fireside chat series with Mark Saunders on energy storage

  • Reaping the rewards

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    Reaping the rewards


    In the following interview, Darren Rabenou discusses the role food and agriculture can play in investors’ portfolios, the business’s key focus areas, what impact climate change is having on the sector, amongst other themes. Read the full interview to find out more.

  • SameButDifferent-UBS

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    Same, but different


    The evolution and growth of infrastructure debt.

  • UBS Tipping point

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    At a tipping point


    Renewable energy from wind and solar may be clean and cheap, but they are also intermittent and unpredictable. Traditionally, thermal generation such as coal, gas or nuclear are used to offset the limitations of renewables, especially during hours that are not windy or sunny.

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    Unlocking the mid-market premium


    In the following interview, Alessandro Merlo discusses the top factors which make infrastructure debt an attractive investment opportunity today, the most interesting deployment opportunities within the mid-market, amongst other key themes shaping the infrastructure debt market.

  • Infrastructure in the post-pandemic world - Infrastructure outlook for 2022

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    Infrastructure in the post-pandemic world - Infrastructure outlook for 2022


    The infrastructure sector continues to be resilient with robust performance across debt and equity. The sub-sectors worst hit by the pandemic are showing green shoots, recovering in line with the macro environment.