Natural capital preservation and loan investment: financing positive impact, supporting sustainability

Natural capital preservation can only be achieved through better use of water, waste and energy. Effective management of each of these areas is needed to preserve a world with biological diversity and a stable climate. They are the core pillars of the health and sustainability of our planet.

If current production and consumption trends continue, the natural wealth of terrestrial ecosystems could be lost. Global food security, global water supplies and livelihoods could all be jeopardised, while our ability to combat disease or to cope with extreme weather events could be reduced, adding further fuel to social tensions and geopolitical conflict.

Scientists and political leaders are now putting the preservation of natural capital at the heart of all major decisions for future generations. As current European regulation stresses, resources must be preserved. To achieve this, three topics are key:

  • freshwater preservation
  • waste reduction
  • access to affordable and clean energy.

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