Redevco aims to grow its residential development pipeline to 10,000+ units to enter top ranks of European residential managers

One of the biggest challenges facing European societies is the severe shortage of modern, affordable, and sustainable housing supply in our cities in the face of soaring demand.

The housing crisis leads to growing inequality, delayed family formation for young people unable to find homes and increased political polarisation fed by the perception of widening social injustice. But Europe’s huge unmet demand for new homes also offers compelling investment opportunities for ESG-focused investors seeking defensive counter-cycle, long-term stable and usually index-linked income returns, balanced by strong societal and climate impact components. 

The main drag on realising the full potential of the residential investment asset class is a lack of stock. We’re simply not building enough homes across Europe, due primarily to a lack of available development sites stemming from inflexible and complex planning processes, compounded in the last few years by rocketing material, labour and particularly financing costs, as central banks have ratcheted up rates to tackle inflation. 

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