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Redevco is a European real estate urban regeneration specialist with a clear ambition to grow in order to create positive impact by helping cities become more sustainable and liveable. With 25 years of experience and strong financial backing, Redevco delivers specialist investment strategies in urban real estate, focused on opportunities to repurpose to mixed-use, in the segments of living and leisure and hospitality as well as in retail warehouse parks, to generate above-average risk-adjusted returns for clients in selected core market segments. As a trusted and professional partner, Redevco invests in properties with a view to developing future-proof and vibrant places in dynamic urban locations where people want to live, work and play. Redevco is committed to making the combined portfolio managed on behalf of its clients net-zero carbon by 2040. 

Its pan-European platform enables Redevco to use its scale to share knowledge and expertise across country teams operating out of Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, London, Madrid, Paris and The Hague. Our well-established local teams have a solid track record in investment, portfolio, asset & development, and transaction management. Redevco combines this local presence, skills, and network with the support of functional experts in the areas of fund management, business development, research & strategy, governance, risk & compliance, legal and tax, finance and reporting, innovation, and sustainability. Redevco’s global transaction and asset & development management teams are led centrally but operate locally with dedicated teams on the ground. 

Redevco is part of COFRA Holding AG, a group of businesses founded over 180 years ago from the deeply rooted belief in being a force for good. COFRA’s businesses operate in industries that are integral to fostering a more just and sustainable world. They support system transitions towards liveable cities, a more circular production and consumption system, cleaner energy and sustainable food, underpinned by the move towards more responsible capital. Redevco, with almost €9.0bn assets under management, continues to extend its investment platform to like-minded investors and will consider a variety of investment vehicles to broaden its investor base and create meaningful impact together.

Investment principles & strategy

Urban areas are our home 

As a European asset management firm with focus on and passion for real estate in urban areas, we believe our role is to lead the transition towards more sustainable and liveable cities. We aim to do this through specialised investment strategies that deliver above-average sustainable risk-adjusted returns. 

With ESG at the forefront of our investment management philosophy and our legacy built on our conviction to be a force for good, we are strongly committed to corporate responsibility, and strive to minimise the environmental impact of our activities and the properties we manage by reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and by continuing to future-proof our assets. 86% of the assets Redevco manages are certified BREEAM ‘Good’ or better. At the end of 2019, we introduced Mission2040: our journey to make our entire portfolio net-zero carbon by 2040. To further drive action, we have formally committed to setting a science-based target and reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to baseline. Science-based targets show companies how much and how quickly they need to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to prevent the worst effects of climate change. This now makes us part of the race to net zero. 

At Redevco, we use our deep knowledge of cities, strong investment management capabilities and outstanding asset management skills to create, maintain and enhance value. We ensure that the real estate portfolios we manage on behalf of our investor clients optimally reflect their needs and deliver above-average returns. 

We operate across the risk-return spectrum offering a variety of products, such as but not limited to: 

  • A core-plus urban transition strategy (repurposing high street assets to mixed-use destinations)
  • A core-plus urban living strategy 
  • Retail warehouse park strategies 
  • A value-add urban hospitality strategy 

Strategic corporate development

We manage a portfolio of around 350 assets in 13 European markets. Our specialist investment strategies consider opportunities to repurpose to mixed-use in the segments of living and leisure and hospitality as well as in retail warehouse parks. 

With the acquisition of a majority stake in redos, the Hamburg-based large-scale retail and urban logistics property investment specialist, Redevco strengthened its market position, especially in the highly attractive and resilient retail park segment. By combining the properties of Germany’s redos with its existing retail parks, mainly in Belgium, Redevco established one of the largest retail warehouse park (RWHP) asset management platforms in Europe with assets under management of €4.5bn. 

We are a firm believer in strong cities that are currently undergoing evolving rapidly to become places beneficial to the well-being of both people and planet. Cities are becoming more digital and more sustainable, driven by shifting demographics and changes in people’s needs, habits, and priorities. 

These changes can be felt in a variety of areas, from the transformation of retail space into multi-purpose locations, to the increasing importance of convenience retail in larger urban areas. Changing demographics are affecting the need for more residential buildings and as cities become more intensively populated they require better mobility and sustainability solutions. 

In this context another key growth area for Redevco is living. To support this, the company launched Redevco Living in June 2023, Redevco’s newly created residential development, investment and operational platform. Redevco Living harbours the capabilities to further expand the company’s residential activities and help cities overcome the housing shortage. 

It is our mission to lead the transformation of cities to ensure they are sustainable and liveable and we are broadening our horizon into the relevant property sectors and technologies across the urban environment spectrum. In this context, Redevco continues to extend its investment platform to like-minded investors and will consider a variety of investment vehicles to broaden its investor base.

Performance verification

Redevco performance data is compiled and reported regularly to its clients. Performance data is reviewed as part the company’s annual audits by independent auditors.

All data mentioned here is as at January 2024.


The material in this guide is provided to institutional investors for informational purposes only, as an introduction to Redevco Group and its affiliates (“Redevco”). This information should not be considered as investment advice or analysis, or a recommendation of any strategy or investment product, or an offer of solicitation. This information which may contain forward-looking statements, is provided in good faith based on the current views and assumptions at the time of its production, although there can be no guarantee as to its accuracy and is subject to change without notice. The AUM is intended principally to reflect the extent of Redevco’s presence in the global real assets market, and its calculation of AUM may differ from the calculations of other asset managers. Furthermore, any past performance data is not an indication or guarantee of future performance. All data mentioned here is as at January 2024.