Primonial REIM (Key Data)

As of 31.12.2023 
Total AUM +€38 bn
61 Investment funds
45 individual clients
55% institutional clients
1625 buildings
10 countries hosting Primonial REIM assets
France 75%
Germany 14%
Belgium 2%
Italy 4%
Spain 2%
Others (Ireland, Czech rep, Netherlands, Austria) 3%
Total 100%
Split Asset Class 
Healthcare/Education 48%
Office 33%
Residential 8%
Retail 5%
Hotels 5%
Logistics 1%
Total 100%


Each of our entities has a designated compliance officer. All regulated issues are subject to compliance approval. The Data Protection Officer of Primonial REIM supervises and ensures all entities are compliant regarding the GDPR issues.

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