Primevest Capital Partners completes the sale of Dutch FTTH portfolio to KPN

Primevest Capital Partners, a prominent pan-European investment management company in passive infrastructure of fiber-optic networks, has announced the successful sale of its Dutch Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) portfolio to KPN, a leading telecommunications company in the Netherlands. 

This strategic transaction marks a significant milestone for Primevest CP and underscores its successful investment strategy in passive communication infrastructure assets. 

Primevest CP started investing in the rollout of fibre-optic networks in the Netherlands in a consortium with T-Mobile and Volker Wessels Telecom in 2019. The consortium aimed to accelerate the deployment of fibre optics in inner-urban areas of large Dutch cities, where the level of fibre-optic connectivity significantly lagged behind rural regions. Over the past four years, Primevest CP has made substantial investments in The Hague, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam, successfully establishing a robust portfolio of over 125,000 Homes Passed. 

Primevest CP’s activities have contributed to a huge acceleration in the roll-out plans of other industry players in the Dutch market. Recent times have witnessed a profound consolidation within the sector, leading Primevest CP to conclude that it is opportune to divest the FTTH portfolio in order to maximize value for its investors. Several market players showed an interest in acquiring the network. Aside from the financial terms, KPN also portrayed a sensible approach in preserving and strengthening the relationship with T-Mobile as the existing user of the network.

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